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  1. Same here. It’s just full of bugs. So frustrating 🤨
  2. Rayan

    Cant sign players

    How do I find out the exact number? Like what is the exact limit my club has fixed?
  3. Rayan

    Cant sign players

    What is a squad cap? What does it mean by “you have reached the squad cap put in place by the chairman” I have sold some players. Even released some but still can’t sign! I have reported it days ago but haven’t got a response yet.
  4. I have the same problem.
  5. I can’t connect this game to my wifi. It always says “please check your internet connection & try again” My internet works just fine as far as I know. I can connect it to any other app. Just not SM19.
  6. What to do to qualify for europa league?
  7. What to do to qualify for europa league?
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