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  1. Pipagool98

    This can not go on like this

    That same :')
  2. Pipagool98

    This can not go on like this

    Actually I did it on purpose so you could see that with a player out of his position I could beat Leipzig, I hope that illogical
  3. The most illogical game I've ever played in my life, star goalkeepers who do not tackle ANYTHING, 4th division teams that beat my tottenham full of well-organized stars, a very basic game in which there would have to be more options when assembling your strategy, against the biggest teams it is impossible to win, impossible, hopefully fix all this ...
  4. Pipagool98

    help with data packages

    Hello, and is there any possibility of inserting a data package that I found in the soccer manager wiki?Thank you very much!
  5. Pipagool98

    help with data packages

    good morning / afternoon / evening I would like to know if someone could help me insert a data package in the mobile device application, thank you very much! (Google Translator)