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  1. Alex(SM Support)

    I've a screen problem

    Hi, Could you please provide more information about the device and platform you are playing on? It appears you are playing on Desktop can you please confirm whether you are playing on Facebook Gameroom or Steam? And if possible can you tell us what resolution your monitor is set at?
  2. Alex(SM Support)

    Do your players also get better if you don't train them?

    Hi, Yes, players will develop with time, increased game time is likely to speed up the player's development. While the use of training may encourage faster growth or growth in areas the player is not naturally gifted.
  3. Alex(SM Support)

    Penalties bug

    Thanks for providing the images to demonstrate the issue. I have raised this issue with our development team. And we will hopefully have a resolution to future instances of the problem.
  4. Alex(SM Support)

    soccer manager 2018

    The development team are currently working to bring the game to Steam and Facebook Gameroom in the coming weeks.
  5. Alex(SM Support)

    game disappeared

    Please tell us what Android version your device is running. We increased the minimum version requirement so it is possible the game is no longer compatible with your device.
  6. Alex(SM Support)

    packs doesn't open

    If your new seasons fixtures have failed to populate, please contact the in-game support. If you do so while the affected game is loaded a copy of the save will also be attached. Each game will be reviewed and fixed if possible.
  7. Alex(SM Support)

    Problem with game

    If your Season has failed to populate the fixtures for the next season please contact the in-game support. Each game will be reviewed and fixed if possible.
  8. While you cannot provide the screen shots you have done this here. If you are able to submit an in-game bug report a copy of your save file will be attached and uploaded also. Our support / development team can then load this to directly see the issue and track the root course. If you include in your report the title of this post as a description and then mention you have a forum post of the same name they will be able to come and view the images you have provided.
  9. Alex(SM Support)

    Problem with game

    The issues raised in the original post are all considered resolved now. If you do continue to experience the problems, please let us know.
  10. Alex(SM Support)

    Unable to progress after match report.

    This issue is now considered to be resolved. Please let us know if you continue to experience the issue.
  11. Alex(SM Support)

    packs doesn't open

    Both the Free Pack/Free Cash/Spotlight issue and the UI issue preventing progression are now believed to be resolved. Thanks for taking the time to report your problems. Please let us know if you continue to experience any problems.
  12. Alex(SM Support)

    Unable to user Spotlight and Free Packs.

    Thanks for reporting the issue. We have made changes and believe this issue is now resolved.
  13. Alex(SM Support)

    BUGS!! BŁĄD!!

    Hi, Can you please provide more information on the issue you are experiencing so we are able to confirm whether we are already aware of and have resolved it already? Thanks
  14. Hi Can you confirm whether you have reported the issue through the in-game support? If not we highly recommend doing this. However I shall ensure this post is seen by our development team regardless.
  15. Alex(SM Support)

    Progression Bug - Year 2023

    Hi @Ceekay We recommend that you report this through the in-game support. When a new bug report is submitted a copy of the save file is uploaded along with the report so our team can load the game and directly witness the issue. Please note in your report you have attached screenshots on the forum and I will flag this post up with the team so they know where to look.