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  1. On 9/20/2020 at 5:55 AM, Paladin said:

    I am currently using Iphone 11

    However whenever I try to start the game it loads up to 24% or 25% and gets stuck there for a long time (10mins+)

    We are currently investigating reports of this. I have sent you a DM.


  2. 12 hours ago, KennyDUFC said:

    Hi, I was accepted as a beta tester earlier and was working fine and I the n accidentally deleted the app when having a clear out. Tried to reinstall and now saying my device is incompatible. I'm on Android 9.0 will that work with full version on 18th?

    What device (make and model) are you attempting to access the device on?



  3. Hi All!

    Over the past few weeks we have seen some major concerns regarding the internet connectivity on our latest release.

    A connection to the internet is and will continue to be required to play Soccer Manager 2021

    Why is an internet connection necessary?

    As a free to play game we are reliant on in-app purchases made by our users to make our money back each year. Having items verified on the server ensures that those attempting to cheat the game with hacks any third party applications will find it a little more difficult. This allows us to continue to create the series and continue to improve it year on year.

    Alongside this, key to our continued growth and remaining a free app, is the visibility/discoverability on the app stores. We are an independent publisher and spend the vast majority of our budget on development. Leaving not so much for marketing. This means we rely heavily on organic traffic to generate new fans of the series who, like you, will stick with us as we develop our shared vision. The app stores use algorithms to determine a games placement in the store listings and likelihood of being featured. Offline users don't share information back to the stores to increase our placements. 

     We are listening and we have acted!

    After hearing the potential issues your feedback has raised we have spent time massively optimising the use of data transfer through web requests.

    The game data is provided through data packs, hosted online. So some internet access is required to have the best possible experience. In our next release 1.0.9 the data called as you play will be cached locally attached to your save file. So you will only download the player data once and each time you view that player it will search locally for the assets.

    In addition to this, we have added an option in the settings (see screen shots below).

    The DISPLAY IMAGES option will turn off all web requests for images within the game, this will ensure only the core account data is being uploaded and downloaded allowing you to play with minimal data transfer. 


    Set Display Images to ON to see the club and player images associated with your selected data pack. (This is the default option)


    Set Display Images to DATA SAVING to disable all web requests for images. The game will not attempt to show any club or player images removing all data transfer while navigating the application. 

    Please let us know how you find the changes we have made. 


  4. On 9/2/2020 at 12:36 PM, Lfcfan said:

    The one thing I don't get it is how it was compatible in the first place and about 2 weeks later is not compatible 

    We have been working on optimisation, improving the performance and stability on as many devices we can.

    Unfortunately we are identifying devices which we have not been able to provide a stable experience on. Either on specific devices or by establishing benchmarks which we cannot run on. 

    We are sorry if this affects you. But please inform us of the specific device (make and model) if the game have previously ran smoothly without crashes.

  5. On 9/4/2020 at 7:54 AM, Abdul Milich said:

    I have just updated it to the new version, and I can't lie sm21 it's just getting better and better,I love sm manager 

    I can't wait for the full release of this game,but there's something which I don't see in the test beta ,please I want you to add it in the full version, which is (REPLAY SAVE SLOT )🙏🙏please, I love every thing about the latest updated version. 

    Please try to add (REPLAY SAVE SLOT )please 🙏🙏.

    Thanks for the feedback, we have tried hard this year to rebuild the game from the foundations up. To provide a stable base for the future releases while also offering an all round better gaming experience.

    The replay slot was considered, but was cut off from our expectations very early on. Maybe next year eh? 

  6. On 9/4/2020 at 3:21 PM, Paul said:

    I can’t get past 1st July 2021, is the beta only for one season or should I wait for an update?


    There is no limit on progression. 

    However, if the game was created prior to v1.0.4 and you are playing as a European club, there is a good chance you won't successfully move into a new season. 

    The Turkish League only this past week confirmed their plans for the coming season and with this, we had to edit the data structure within the game. Which unfortunately broke the creation of new seasons.

    This was referenced in the release logs. 

    And while we are sorry it happened, this is what the BETA phase is about. Identifying issues and resolving them before the global release.

  7. On 9/5/2020 at 2:55 PM, BlueCheetah66 said:

    I think that if you tell a player they are not needed you should be able to accept any bid rather than have them say they are loyal to the team

    We've seen it time and again in reality a player staying for the wage. Staying to fight for their place and prove themselves. 

    The players can adjust their stance as circumstances change as you progress. 

  8. On 9/5/2020 at 4:15 PM, Paul said:

    I have updated the beta to the latest version, and my previous save had too many problems as it kept force closing the app, so I started a new save and it keeps force closing the app as soon as I read an email. 

    So when you put the app into the background and return, the app restarts? 

    As opposed to the app closing while it is open as the active application on your device?

  9. 7 hours ago, Joshua Garba said:

    I think the game should have an option to not skip fixtures or results from competitions in not involved in. Eg if I'm in the championship, i have no business with the champions league, or if I've been knocked out of any cups I shouldn't see the results while I'm forwarding to the next match day. I feel it's just a waste of time. No?

    We feel that the vast majority of football fans whether they're follow the top tier in their country or the the local team on the park of a Sunday morning will still look at the results of the continental competitions after they have been played. And we wanted to bring reality into the game in this sense. 

  10. On 8/21/2020 at 10:31 AM, Scott2491 said:

    This is an Attacking corner. I’m Arsenal. I have a number of men in the box but there are no defenders. Safe to say I scored!


    This is now reported to be resolved in the latest release 1.0.6

    Please let us know if you continue to see it.

  11. Hi all!

    The latest release for beta is being rolled out as I type this.

    Android: 1.0.6

    Testflight Version:

    Continued Optimisation on performance and stability.
    - Increased natural fitness recovery
    - Key player moved to reserves correctly.
    - Stabilised transfers in later seasons
    - Opposition defenders going missing on corners.
    - Knockout stages visible on Continental competitions
    Many more bug fixes.

  12. There is a fitness gain from training along side the natural recovery rate. Each drill will give you additional Fitness with Physical being the highest at +5.

    You can gain 10 fitness each training session then the rest is natural recovery. There is a manager trait which will grant additional post match fitness.

  13. On 8/21/2020 at 4:01 PM, GhostMaster said:

    This is what comes up on my screen when I try to look for free agents.


    Sorry this has taken me so long to respond to. You are using the top search button which is specifically for the name search. 

    Once you have selected the criteria in the bottom box use the search option in the bottom right.

  14. Hi All!

    We know many of you have experienced issues with the game saving, and we are very grateful you took the time to let us know!

    Our development team worked over the weekend to resolve this and uploaded a build containing a fix to google on Saturday afternoon.

    The release has been in review on Google Play since it was uploaded;


    Unfortunately we have no control over this process and the time it takes. 

    We will post an update as soon as we know it is being rolled out.


  15. 7 minutes ago, GhostMaster said:

    Hey does anyone know how too look at the free agents and sign them?

    From the nav menu select "TRANSFERS" 

    Set the transfer status criteria to Free Agent. Select your player and offer a contract via the actions menu on the player's profile

  16. Thanks for the feedback, I believe the unresponsive UI elements will be resolved through optimisation which will improve the performance (Speed) of the transitions. 

    Regarding the match engine issue, this is known and is caused by pausing the match just as the end of match overlay animation is displayed. If you hold off pressing the screen after the ref has blown for full time, and the club badges are shown with the scoreline, you will be able to leave the game.

    thanks for the feedback.

  17. We know there is still optimisation work to be done, especially with the match engine. 

    If you could tell us what device (make/model/OS version) you are using. Part of the beta process is expanding the number of available devices and software combinations well beyond what we have available to us internally. This helps us optimise to a level or identify the cut off of devices we can reasonably support.

  18. I'm happy to hear you like where we have headed this year. 

    There is a post in here which is generating a good discussion regarding fitness. One you might want to join in.

    With training is very important this year and as such we wanted to encourage our users to engage with it. With the tasklist notification taking you directly to the page when a session is available along with the selected drills being retained we believed there levels of inconvenience is low. Although we are happy to hear differing feedback on this.

    FM came about from the CM series so all told they have about 30 years on us. If only 1 feature is keeping them ahead of us we're doing a very good job in my opinion!

    There are many different camera options available in the match day settings. Is it all these options you find the camera too distant or a specific one?


    6 minutes ago, Collins said:

    Can't access team instructions panel.. Trying to swipe to next panel but it refuses to respond

    Is this within the Tactics when accessed in a match or outside a match?

  19. There has been a lot of disruption around the world with leagues ending. European Continental Competitions are only coming to a close this weekend and Certainly transfer windows are not closed. 

    The phased completion of the data updates is required this year more than most!

    The game data we use is also community generated via soccerwiki.org which will be seeing a major update before the end of the year. So it should be easier for our community to keep the game data as up to date as possible.

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