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  1. So we should charge around £10 for you to download it?
  2. Sometimes that isn't a common opinion 😂
  3. I'm glad to hear that. Sorry the update took the time it did to come along.
  4. We were until this Google Play store backlash. Just looking at handling the access and fallout from the issues. I appreciate this isn't ideal for those already with access via iOS. Sorry.
  5. Just so we are 100% clear, since we currently have access issues with Google Play Store right now. You are having problems with access through Testflight on an iOS (APPLE) device?
  6. Hi everyone. Thanks for dropping in and saying "hi". As @Theo(SM Support)has already said, there are issues globally for Google today. It appears to be hindering the acceptance and rollout of the beta build. Internally we are also experiencing a delayed rollout on our internal test track. The build has been uploaded and will be available as soon as it can be. We hope you can take some joy in the fact you have received the acceptance onto the beta programme. Our apologies for making you wait just a little longer.
  7. I should add that unfortunately today Google Services appear to have had some issues themselves with a number of services failing for certain users. We hope that this doesn't impact you access to our game!
  8. The Android beta build is uploaded and being rolled out across the store as I type this! Invited users should be receiving their confirmation emails containing the opt in link. For access to the Google Play Beta you must follow the opt in link (https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.soccermanagerltd.soccermanager2021) which if you have had your email address granted permission will allow you to select a button to BECOME A TESTER and provide a link to the google play store.
  9. I have been informed by our development team that this will be resolved in the next build we release (expected tomorrow). Whether the fix will allow continued progression on the current save I cannot say right now. Sorry.
  10. This guy knows how to use this stuff! 😁 Hiding the spam. Thanks @GhostMaster I have passed this onto our devs.
  11. Hi all, We have just updated the forum software which appears to have had a major impact on the UI front. We haven't explored the full site for any issues so if you see any text that is hard to read please let us know where you found it.
  12. The match engine is continuously being worked on. So hopefully you should see regular improvements. Hoping to get an update out today which should see some major improvements in the match engine. But there are now also many more contributing factors playing a bigger role on the players performance. Team Chemistry - Make sure this is as high as possible, you can increase it through training, to a point. Morale/concerns - unhappy players carry a bigger penalty into the matches they play.
  13. Sorry to hear about this. Be good to know what device you are using so we can mirror the screen size / display. Also would be good if you could post a screen shot so we can see the issue in context.
  14. With the whole global pandemic massively disrupting much of the worlds football leagues we have held off on data pack updates until the vast majority of leagues knew how they were going to proceed in the coming season. Some tweaks have been made to the number of clubs in some of the top tiers so we have been investigating the possibility of including those changes. An initial data update should be available in the next build or the one after.
  15. Thanks for this, I will get it passed on to see if any solution can be found. We will have an error reporting system available in either the next update or the one after this which will, if you allow it send the error and a copy of your save file direct to the developers. Need to rely on this manual approach right now though!
  16. I always remember early PES having the option to include legends as regens in the Master League. 90% of the time I'd have them turned off, felt a bit like cheating as you knew they'd develop into.... well, Legends. But sometimes it was a nice addition to have.
  17. The current closed beta builds have a "REPORTER" available. On your device if you can draw a circle with your finger, an overlay should be displayed. There will be rows of text, if you press continue while this is open (you are able to click through it) the error responsible should be displayed. Please tap the row with a exclamation mark in a red circle and upload a screenshot here. See my attached image for an example of the reporter.
  18. It's not likely to be today, but highly likely to be available before the week is over.
  19. Thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear you're enjoying it. I have just responded to a mention of goalkeepers. We are aware they require some improvement and will be looking at that over the next week. Legends have been discussed a number of times through the years. The question regularly comes back to how the data for the game is generated. It is all community generated via soccerwiki.org and passed into the game through data packs. I don't believe the data for legends is available there. We have greatly improved the player models in a more general sense this year, to be a
  20. Thanks! Appreciate the concerns feedback. We will be spending some time looking further into the Goalkeepers based on feedback (internal and external). Improvements all around the rest of the match engine has started to highlight even more were the GK is lacking.
  21. @Lez Are you seeing the issue at a similar date?
  22. Interesting issue. Was Icardi duplicated in your squad or just when it came to the tactics screen? Did it correct itself once you left the tactics screen and returned?
  23. There are many potential causes at 25%. Can you confirm the device you are loading the game on? And Have you been prompted and selected your Game Center account to sync?
  24. @Naj209This should be sorted now and an invite flying through the aether
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