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  1. Nice one! I mean, this was indeed the purpose of the challenges.... I've gotta say i'm saddened that the first one had such terrible gameplay results!!! You pick the next challenge then @craigibhoy!
  2. A new update to the close beta has been released just in time for the weekend! iOS: 1.0.1 ( Android: 1.0.1(b1374) Some Release Notes; - Tutorial rework started Please don't report any issues seen with the tutorial Key Bug fixes; - Quick match crashing issues - Free Agent contracts - Concern issues when taking over new club - Tactics instructions in match - Navigation animation issues. There has been lots of UI work and many more bug fixes. Please keep reporting any bugs and issues along with any mor
  3. Hi @Naj209 and welcome! Sorry to hear that. If you DM me the email address you use for testflight I will check it out for you.
  4. Ah right, I believe those who pre-order the game, will get some free items when they log in after the game is released.
  5. You're gonna have to help me out with some additional context to this.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. It is unfortunate that your experience with the new UI has not been a good one. Could you tell me the model of the device you use to access the game? We are aware we still have a decent amount of work to complete in terms of optimisation and knowing the experience isn't a good one on a specific device will give us a clear target. With transfers, I think I have mentioned elsewhere, we still have the frequency turned up quite high.This will come down in coming updates. Our main developer responsible for transfers is collecting the data from
  7. Can you tell us what action you performed just before you noticed this? I know we have had it appear in the past when performing a player specific scout report.
  8. Cheers for the report. This issue has been logged. I have been informed that an empty connectivity tab on iOS does actually mean your account has been successfully linked to your Game Center account.
  9. Transfers are currently turned up to provide data for optimisation. So you might currently be seeing more transfers now than you will in say a weeks time. The developer responsible for transfers is currently optimising the financial oversight of AI clubs and the likely targets a club should be in for. Its a slow process of many small tweaks rather than jumping from too much to not enough and back.
  10. Firstly we appreciate your patience regarding Android access being delay. We can certainly understand any frustration you may have. While we are waiting, lets get you engaged with the beta! Please suggest some challenges for those with access to perform. Thinking along the lines of "Quickest Sacking! - 24 hours to get sacked earliest date wins." "First to win trophies with two different clubs in a single game" I'll select a few and random unlock and lock them as separate posts. Thoughts?
  11. Anyone with Access to the game not yet got the little green "SM21 BETA" text under their profile?
  12. You've had sometime to look around the game - What's your opinion of the new layout and navigation style? Tell us about your initial reaction to the changes.
  13. @Nath1865 & @Scott2491 I have been able to confirm you're emails are included on the testflight list and I have resent the invite. Let me know if you receive it. Be sure to check your spam and any other folder it might have gone into.
  14. Seems I overlooked this last night, let me know if you still haven't received it.
  15. @Bigman123 & @Clxdz thanks for the DM, I believe it should now be sorted. Let me know
  16. Cheers, Having chased this up the text hasn't been imported for this yet, so these are just placeholders. Clearly there is a deeper issue that both board and fans are both happy and unhappy with your results.... having quite the rollercoster season??
  17. We acknowledge that there is still a fair amount of optimisation to be done in the game. We expect vastly improved performance in all areas. However I believe the iPhone 5s would still struggle to run the game. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't believe the 5s supports iOS 13? Part of the purpose of beta testing is to gain feedback across a much wider variety of devices and OS combinations than we have available internally. So please do let us know if you get any further, or notice any improvement in future updates.
  18. @Bigman123 If you DM me your email I can verify it and resend an invite
  19. We can resend the invites. If you DM me the email address you access testflight with I can search it and send it.
  20. @TheStrider Thanks for the feedback so far, I hope there is more to come. Regarding the Shop, yes it is functional but please remember the game is still in Beta so issues are likely. As are regular updates. So any action that is game specific (Cash purchases, spotlight players or credit investments in upgrades) will be lost should you wish to start a new game or if your existing game should experience a critical error. If you were to make a purchase of Server side items (VIP, Manager Points, Credits). Please ensure you have linked your account to Game Center during the initia
  21. DM me the email address you use for test flight and I'll confirm that it was correctly added.
  22. @Infamous Steve I've just checked the specs of that tablet and it would appear it will support the game. @Eerik In general yes. I'm not sure what you're expecting to be asked. Members of the public have access to the game, there are videos published on Youtube. Although it is closed beta we cannot control the output of those with access. This is the very reason android access is postponed. We would politely ask that you don't attempt to paint the company or game in a bad light.
  23. Interesting Question.... Technically yes. But certainly you would have to be more specific in listing the device model rather than just a global brand. The app will only be available through the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore. So for the Huawei devices that no longer have Google Play Services or the Google Play Store installed the app will not be available.
  24. Android users will have access to the beta, but it will be after the first phase.
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