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  1. I'm not sure how long it will take to deliver the invites. I have just confirmed with @Peakyplays that his invite has been sent but not yet delivered. Testflight is Apple's testing tool and we have no control over it outside of builds and users. I would imagine the invites are queued as with any other mailing list.
  2. Yes, it really does. And believe me we are the most disappointed.
  3. Hi, We apologise for the delay but it is now here. Those who were accepted onto the first wave of the beta will now have access to the first beta build. Please be sure to leave your feedback, any bugs you encounter and any questions on this forum.
  4. Beta builds are now available! As mentioned previously we are currently only publishing the Beta on iOS at present. All users who were accepted into the first phase should have received an email from Soccer Manager stating so. This contained instructions to access the game via Testflight. You should also have received an email from Testflight to notify you of an available build. If you have any problems access the build please keep it in this thread.
  5. All those on iOS who received an email about being accepted onto the beta should also now have received an email through Testflight. The beta build is now available.
  6. Why not just stick around and discuss whats shared here?
  7. We also hate that we have to do it. Unfortunately Google doesn't yet have the same protections as iOS and therefore we must take our own precautions until we are happy the app release won't have a negative impact on us and our game.
  8. Hi all and welcome. I know an email has been sent out to many and a build will be made available as soon as possible through test flight. Please read your emails as acceptance into the SM21 Beta. We apologise for the delay, but the build we planned to release was found to have a severe error with a key facility. So we are aiming to fix that before we upload a new build for you.
  9. We are happy to announce: Our first Beta invites have been sent out! Although it is with sorrow that I have to follow this good news with some bad news. Unfortunately we have had to choose only iOS users have been selected due to the many threats from a small number of users on social media channels that they will leak the apk if/when they receive it. The game is currently in a good position, but it is still only in a state for closed beta. We do not want to risk an unofficial and incomplete version being spread as updates will not come easily to users who have a leaked build.
  10. Hi All. Welcome the the SM21 beta forum. Whether you're an experienced manager or new to the SM brand, we want to hear your feedback. Drop a reply to this post to say hi and let us know your here. We will flag you as a beta tester and you can jump into the discussion.
  11. Hi all! SM21 Beta is almost here. Follow this link: http://socm.io/signupsm21beta to register your interest and be in with the chance to gain early access to the game. Starting the 10th August we will be inviting users to join us on our latest release of the Soccer Manager Single Player Series. While you're waiting to hear back from us about access take a moment to pre-order the game and receive a pre-order reward on release 🎁!! http://socm.io/2a3
  12. Hi all, The SM20 team are happy to announce the release of Soccer Manager 2020 Closed Beta(phase 1)! We have invited a small number of Beta testers onto the day one build, were we are asking for feedback on app and save stability (along with thoughts and feelings on the look, style and usability of the game). We will be increasing the number of invites we send out as we confirm that the the app stability is sufficient and progression is not greatly restricted. Those who have been selected for the first wave onto the game will receive emails shortly with instructions on how
  13. We did try this in the past and it did not go down well. Leading to us patching it back into the game. Our belief was that the absence of an overall rating, showing only an ATTACK and DEFENCE rating allowed users to better balance their team and find players who truly fitted the current need. Making it easier to find an attacking fullback or one who prioritised defence for example. Based on this experience this is unlikely to be implemented again.
  14. Meezi, your reported issue should also be resolved.
  15. Original account should be restored now.
  16. Hi all. Just stopping here to introduce myself. I'm Alex (as the username suggests) and have been working for Soccer Manager for about 5 years. I, along with some of our other staff, will be looking to rejuvenate the community and bring all the people who play our games together. If you have questions or queries please feel free to post them on the forum and we hope to be able to answer and resolve them. Keep an eye on the Announcements to stay on top of any Soccer Manager news, and don't forgot to register for the BETA PROGRAMME if you're interested in contributing
  17. The Easter weekend is a big deal in much of Europe giving some lucky people extra holidays. And at least where I am, the weather is supposed to be perfect! This big weekend brings with it some big games across Europe too. England In England we have Man City vs. Spurs - There is a lot riding on this for city, having just Won, Drew and Lost against Spurs (try explaining that to someone who doesn't understand football) after the second leg of the Champs League quarter final they come head to head again! For City this is a chance to return to the top of the Premier League, an
  18. Well, that was an exciting quarter final, some unexpected results in dramatic fashion! Ajax riding high after seeing off two giants of the game. Set to face Spurs who, some might say, were fortunate in their victory. Messi Barcelona seeing off Manchester United comprehensively, but not looking at their best, ready to welcome Liverpool to the Camp Nou for the first leg of the Semi-finals after another comprehensive but arguably expected victory. VAR playing a crucial role in the games involving English clubs. With Liverpool and Tottenham benefiting massively. And a decision the
  19. Welcome to the new community hub. Established members for the original Football Clash forum will be given the title "Football Clash Veteran" and have their content and rep level increased to 100.
  20. The game is available in Serbia and is compatible with Xiaomi devices providing you are using the Google Play Store to search and download the app. Xiaomi phones in the UK will, generally, come with the international ROM which in my experience comes preloaded with Google Applications available. While I can't confirm the same for Serbia, since you are outside of China I would imagine this is the case.
  21. Currently you cannot agree pre-contracts when players have 6 months left on their contracts. As @errguro says you can track the player's whose contracts will expire by searching with the Contract filter on. Just to add a note that clubs are likely to reduce the value they will accept for a transfer fee as the contract length reduces which might save you missing out should the club renew the players contract before it expires.
  22. If you haven't already please submit this issue through the in-game support system. Doing this attaches a copy of your current active save file to the report and our staff can look into the issue.
  23. Hi, New to the Soccer Manager community? Come and introduce yourself here. Got any questions about the forum? Here is the place to ask. To all existing community members any content that isn't warm and welcoming will not be tolerated in this area. All are welcome here. Be sure to make people feel it! Have fun!
  24. Hi, Please be sure to search for the match you want to discuss before creating a new topic. New threads will be merged with existing discussions if the match choice already exists. Please avoid criticism of the perceived quality of the leagues that do not add to or progress the conversation. If your posts do not add anything constructive to the discussion then it will be removed. Due to the potential of copyright infringement, the forum moderators may block or remove the uploading of any imagery or videos that may get us in trouble. We advise these are not uploaded to avoid any
  25. Hi, In this forum you can look to predict the scores, lineups, in-play events. However there is to be no gambling on this site and links to bookmakers or promotion of best odds/returns will be removed. Odds from external sources can be referenced as aids to discussion but we do not want to see the source as this will be considered promotion of bookmakers and can lead to warnings. Please be sure to search for the match you want to discuss before creating a new topic. New threads will be merged with existing discussions if the match choice already exists.
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