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  1. aww thats alright i guess , im gonna have to adapt to the new gameplay
  2. So from the BETA videos in YouTube of SM2019 , I noticed that there is 3D gameplay. Personally Im not a fan of 3D gameplay in Manager games (whether FM or SM) and I like to keep it the classic 2D. So is there an option in SM2019 for that?
  3. Vorreix

    Wrong Logo?

    yea i am pretty sure the National League 1 uses the Champions League logo...
  4. Most of the times it is due to age , as a player grows older , their skill as a player drops. Hence they would not develop any longer. This would usually happens arnd 30 years old or older. With skill levels decreasing , the rating of the player would also drop.
  5. Yea this is a problem in SM2018 that i have stated. The Teams will not make any bid for other players other than when you place your players in the transfer list. This happpens once you get 4-5 seasons in the game and you will notice no teams will bid again
  6. not really , i believe it happens randomly , i dont think you can actually change the algorithm or reduce the chances of players getting injured.
  7. most likely november or december , i doubt itll come out ltr than that but yea shld be arnd the last quarter of the year
  8. For me i use the 3-1-3-3 Attacking formation which i have been using fore more than 10 seasons now, really realiable if you have a solid defence and you get get players which suits the positions really easy. So itll be interesting to see what other players favourtier formation is.
  9. yea money is an easy subject when it comes to SM2018 , only have to watch your spendings for about 2 seasons after that your fine
  10. 12 - 0 twice against reading and stoke
  11. Ive asked the moderator about when it would be released but he said that no details can be given out yet. But since the past SM's release date is around October-November it shld be around that period
  12. So at the start it was a challenging and fun experience of trying to win trophies and league titles. But as the years go by , big teams lose big players and don't replace them with new ones , and you basically can get big players from the Free Agents which no teams will buy them. And once your team gets to a certain point of greatness while other teams are on the complete opposite , you start winning titles and cups every season without fail and it gets boring as there is no excitement to the game left when you start winning every season. So maybe improving it in SM 19 by making teams buying more really good Free Agent players and actually using them (srsly whenever a team has a 50 million$ value player they wont even use them for some reason). And also can you add the option where you cannot see Free Agents stats whenever you search the market as it does not make sense of how the manager knows how good a free agent is wihout them even playing , I think that would make the game a bit more challenging. Also adding a difficulty button could help as well. The screenshots below are the once top teams highest valued player at 2030 in game. And then theres mine (Liverpool)
  13. you have to wait for 3-5 seconds until the reward pops up. but even if you click straight away , you will still get the rewards
  14. a bit late but i think the developers should really improve the transfers , squad development and line ups for SM2019 as it is quite badly executed in SM2018.
  15. Potential isnt a thing in the game (unless somehow there is but im sure there isnt) You just have to try your luck sometimes with buying the right players/ keeping your youth players
  16. yea thats a good tip as well , sometimes i find that thre are too many reserves in my squad and it affects as my main players wont get trained whenever i train them but instead most of the reserves are trained which i dont intend to. so removing reserves will help
  17. http://community.soccermanager.com/topic/388-ideas-features-to-add-or-improve/
  18. uh yea wasnt this my thread
  19. Vorreix

    Stamina Bars Bug

    sometimes you can just refresh it by quitting the game and load it back. it shld work coz it did for me
  20. dont worry , i bought donnaruma and he is a late bloomer i guessed , because hes 87 at 27 y/o now at my club
  21. yea it would be great if the admin can address this
  22. yea actually im having the same problem now
  23. Did they stated why? And also how is your team doing as for results
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