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  1. Rickytom

    Can't Sign Free Agents

    Know how you feel its very annoying I moved from real Madrid to PSG 3 seasons ago and every time I went to buy a free agent it would say xxxxxxx snubs PSG also cant loan anyone and buying of players from other teams regect I even offered 20 million for a 3 million player and got regected at the moment I am on season 2055 / 2056 I started with Torquay in the national league took them to the prem got to the stage where I couldent loose as I had good young expensive team then move to Real Madrid same again got fed up of the game as it was becoming boring got this move to PSG and now im thinking of starting again as this is stupid I am running players from my youth accadamy I have players retiring when I picked up the tead I had 2 25 year olds but apart from them the youngest was 35 I have attained 143 trophies and im realy feel like walking away ( shameful ) sent a message to sm and the reply was to go to the bug section write down your problem and they will see what they can do but at the moment still waiting so I hope it gets sorted for you
  2. Rickytom

    transfer snubs

    Having trouble getting loans or transfers just moved to another team from a offered managerial job so far starting my 2nd sason with my new club and cant seem to get any loans or transfers at first I thought the first season I was restricted but this is the start of a new season still cant buy or loan I have a team with the lowest age is 35 I have players retiring all around me and cannot replace them has anyone else had this problem and did it sort It self out
  3. Rickytom

    gold coins

    I have just lost over 700 gold coins (which I was saving to buy 20 blue) but came on to play tonignt and found I have now only 206 coins I live alone and nobody to go on my laptop to press any button is this a glich and can I retreave them