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  1. lemming3k

    Ads on continue?

    I never used to get ads when clicking continue, only when clicking for free money, but now they seem to show up a lot. Is this intended? Can they at least be muted (as per my other settings)? I play the game quietly on mobile, so it's quite off putting to suddenly have a loud advert.
  2. lemming3k

    Bugs with PLAYER RATINGS and SUBTITUTIONS now fixed

    I can confirm this is working again I would like to say thanks to the Devs for resolving this so quickly when we feared our saves were dead ends. I know this doesn't quite have the depth of some other football managers(or larger games) but that is far and away the quickest turnaround I've seen! Very impressed.
  3. lemming3k

    New update players stats gone right down

    Substitutions no longer working and stats dropped so I'd guess the last update wrecked the game. Guessing from the lack of people posting here though not many people are playing?
  4. lemming3k

    Players stats dropped down

    Same problem here. I'm assuming a recent update caused this as suddenly all my player stats dropped. Needs a hotfix asap.