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  1. lemming3k

    AI youth player values too high

    No response? This is a major game breaking bug as by season two every club on the game has many many multi million pound young players, right down to the non-league teams. The only team that has none of these players is the player selected team. It is now impossible to win a game so no point proceeding any further.
  2. lemming3k

    Coins regularly disappearing

    I've lost nearly 200 coins overnight. Previously I'd lost about 50. It seems there is a serious issue with them disappearing, which is a great concern when you ask people to pay for them.
  3. You might find training isn't working as they keep resetting. I've had one guy train his pace 3 times to over 90, but today I see it's back at 84. Young player too.
  4. lemming3k

    Strikers not scoring

    Tbh I've noticed the same. I only use preferred roles but all 8 strikers I've used were pretty ineffectual. Average ratings as low as 5. Midfielders score far more and get 9+ ratings every game.
  5. lemming3k

    AI youth player values too high

    Issue Summary: AI teams get youth players worth several million in the national league. Issue Details: Halfway through the season I've seen youth players show up (not loaned players) in the national league who are worth several million. Meanwhile the only player I've had was worth £10. This seems very unrealistic and is a massive difference for teams like Salford City/Boreham Wood etc to have players at a level several leagues higher, especially when they are 16. Countries selected at start: England. Game Date(when issue was found): November of 1st season but players could have been there longer. They are not there at game start. Device details; Android. Any Additional Information(What can we do to reproduce the issue?): Start the game and progress a half season. There should be a few very highly priced 16-18 Y/O players with values higher than anyone else in the league.
  6. lemming3k

    Incorrect club finances

    Issue Summary: Club finances do not match currency amount at the bottom of the screen. Issue Details: I started a career as Barnet in the National League but whilst the finances screen says we have a large positive bank balance, the currency display at the bottom is negative. This effectively stops the player from buying or building anything, even renewing contracts. I'm halfway through the season and it hasn't changed. Countries selected at start: England. Game Date(when issue was found): Game start. Device details; Android. Any Additional Information(What can we do to reproduce the issue?): Start the game as Barnet.
  7. lemming3k

    Ads on continue?

    I never used to get ads when clicking continue, only when clicking for free money, but now they seem to show up a lot. Is this intended? Can they at least be muted (as per my other settings)? I play the game quietly on mobile, so it's quite off putting to suddenly have a loud advert.
  8. lemming3k

    Bugs with PLAYER RATINGS and SUBTITUTIONS now fixed

    I can confirm this is working again I would like to say thanks to the Devs for resolving this so quickly when we feared our saves were dead ends. I know this doesn't quite have the depth of some other football managers(or larger games) but that is far and away the quickest turnaround I've seen! Very impressed.
  9. lemming3k

    New update players stats gone right down

    Substitutions no longer working and stats dropped so I'd guess the last update wrecked the game. Guessing from the lack of people posting here though not many people are playing?
  10. lemming3k

    Players stats dropped down

    Same problem here. I'm assuming a recent update caused this as suddenly all my player stats dropped. Needs a hotfix asap.