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    Cannot make subs

    Issue Summary: While in game I am completely unable to make any substitutions. One of my players got hurt and it will not let me sub him out, when I drag the player to replace them, nothing happens. I was able to re-create this in every game I have played since the latest update. Issue Details: no subs are able to be made unless outside of a game in the main menu Countries selected at start: England Game Date(when issue was found): 8/6/2018 Device details; BRAND : Apple MODEL : MP2F2LL/A (10” iPad retina) OS : iOS VERSION : 11.4 Any Additional Information(What can we do to reproduce the issue?): play any game, I’ve been able to re create this issue in every game I’ve played. Please feel free to upload any screen shots that may help us to see the problem in action. We encourage you to use the summary for the title of the thread, however you may wish to add a longer summary in the body too. Before submitting your bug report please look to see if your issue has been previously reported. If you find a report that matches yours please add the core information plus any additional information in a comment.