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  1. It depends. Once you get in the top half of the top level of your league they shouldn't snub you. Make sure you're offering in the thousands. Make sure you have a few other good players around. Usually you can't get a top talent to be your first top level player. You have to progress. And make sure you in one of the top five leagues. English, Spanish, French, Italian, or German. I did play with a Portuguese league team from their second league that I built up. I was able to recruit players fine. The talent of the league is just low.
  2. They change I think usually. I only see the first set of free agents like Navas and Tapia when you first start. After it's really just random.
  3. 10-0 with a 3-1-3-3 very attacking formation. Done that about three times between two accounts with Chester FC and Chelsea.
  4. The support team sent me a message today saying that it is a bug in the transfer code. However they do not know if they can even fix the bug and thus will address it in soccer manager 2019.
  5. I don't know if this is one of those situations where the developers did it to stop you from abusing the system but as you said, it eventually cause the game to die out if you can't use in younger players and have to just have a old team. I don't feel like starting over from the beginning with an all new team, knowing this same thing will happen as well. I thought it was cause I was playing with a team from the secondary Portuguese league that I had built up, thus they didn't have a strong reputation. But if you can't sign people to real or psg then it obviously has nothing to do with rep.
  6. The game still hasn't told me why I can't sign the free agents. I can't even offer them contacts. It's honestly ruining the game for me since I can't improve my team anymore
  7. Make sure you write out the number. I had the same issue. 15 is not the same as 15k. You must type 15,000
  8. I would say you need to train often and let them play. I brought pelligri who I think was 68 at the time. He's a 78 now. He's my back up striker now but he's a great scorer.
  9. Hi. Do you have this same problem? Now players on other teams say they don't think it's beneficial to their career to join my team.
  10. I cannot sign any free agents anymore. I look up players and I try to sign them, but when I try to offer them a contract they always snub me before I can even offer them the contract. This only is a problem for free agents costing $15m and up. I don't know if it's because I finished last season in the negative for finances, but as soon as the season ended I sold players and am now at $36 m. Please help. I need to build my back line dearly.
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