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  1. Like i in my training thing there is always advance defending then two of the attacking drills and 1 gk but still they don't improve..
  2. Guys please help me in this please hey soceer manager guys please help me in it...
  3. 1) Manager's History This section of SM2018 is really boring and really badly made. As a Football manager game it should at least show what place and trophies you finished for that particular season instead of adding up the trophies and just the win ratio as I do want to see how I progressed throughout the years.  2) Table Chart This is not something you would see in a normal manager game but it would be good to add a table chart. What I mean is you get to see your progress/position in the league throughout the season. It is quite unnecessary but would be a great feature.  3) Transfer History Another thing that would be a great feature is adding a Transfer History section in Transfers. Meaning that you can look through who have you bought and sold in your career in that club and not only see Transfers for that particular season as I would love to look back and see when I bought or sold this player.  4) Player's History For this I am pretty sure this idea was implemented in SM2018 but doesnt work properly. So whenever you click a Player from your squad there is a Profile and Stats option. In stats there would be a section under Current Season Overview where they would show the stats. Again it would be a nice feature to add the player's career stats not only for the season but his entire career so far and also not only for your club but for other clubs played (loan or Transfer) and it would be applied to every player in the game. Imo this is one of the important needs in a Soccer manager game  5)Differentiate player's goals based on the type of game So i noticed you cannot check how many goals a particular player has scored for different games as you can only see how many the player scored in total which is weird as I want to see how much this player has scored in eg the UEFA Champions League but I cant as there isnt an option to.  6) Extra Slots Please add extra slots in SM2019 Additional features / Things to be improved 1) Have the teams to be more involved during Transfer Windows. So i noticed teams are not too involved in the Transfer Windows and noticed the same old players in most of the clubs. Also teams would go for your players unless he is placed in the transfer market which is quit unrealistic as normallly there would be some teams to chase for this player in your squad but here there isnt. It wouldbe nice to add some spice and realisticness to the game by having the teams to be more involved in players and the transfer window period. 2) Have a difficulty section SO i find the game to be really easy (if not too easy) as you have better players and when other teams starts to lose their star players and left with no one (which can be caused by teams not buying better youths and players , which is the problem i stated above). So it would be great to add a difficulty button to make players choose between eg. Easy , Normal , Hard , Legendary. 3) Please fix player morales I am really annoyed whenever I see still particular message from my inbox which is " Message from PLayer" whcih will only lead to one things ; complaints. I try my best to even out my players playing time and try to give them as equal appearance as possible but nooo I would still receive at least 10 -15 messages of this kinds per month and it is soo annoying as for some players cases eg my goalkeeper , I have played him for 25 appearance (highest in my squad) and as soon as I swapped him for another keeper just for a few games he would complain which pisses me off at times. 4) Add more Media options So time to time you will recive a question from the media asking about matches or players etc , I find this interesting a t first but now it feels its a chore as its basically the same thing and you would give the same answer every single time , so it would be nice to add on a few more questions with different variations of answer and which will actually impact players or your fans. Thats all I have that I can think of. The game is a really fun and good game espeically for a free game , but the things I listed down are basically the missing/downs of the game and if these ideas or problems could be implemented and fix, it would definitely be one of the best manager game out there. --:when in the match the player graphics improve that part and the stadium graphics and so much like try taking the game to a next level not just like you have made the game and sitting down make your graphics in more better so people can come play your Game
  4. Arnav

    Training Bug

    When in training like it shows when assing points 1-3 increases the benfits but when giving traing some players increase by 5 or 4 but in their attributes the increase doesn't show up and even 1-3 doesn't show up please resolve this bug
  5. Hi Guys, Can you please help me in this i have signed young players and i wanted them to grow like fast and better. but that doesn't happen like i signed O.Dembele from Barcelona and after like 3 years past (in the game) his overall just increased by 1 he was 79 and now 80.....so like what should i do so my players grow faster please help guys....
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