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  1. kjakka

    Bid withdrawn, but what bid?!

    yeah this is an old bug, from sm18
  2. kjakka

    Good cheap players/gems

    alena is a cheap player at the beginning and can increase in overall fast
  3. well I offer less for someone that's transfer listed, still they reject it
  4. kjakka

    Transfer bug

    sadly back when i have this bug, after 2 season with the team, the bug doesn't solved, but when i move to another club the bug is gone
  5. kjakka

    New phone

    you can transfer your save files
  6. kjakka


    I encounter a bug where my "Get Coach Report" button is not working
  7. kjakka

    Transfer bug

    i had the same issue, but it's now working after I move to another club. I had this issue back at beta
  8. what give you the power to tell them to ban people who give them knowledge about what's the downside of their game? hahahah😂🤣
  9. oh couldn't agree more, especially the part when you didn't get a single dime after home match. and what's the point of those money from the board but not added to the transfer budget. your tranfer budget basically only come from selling players.
  10. kjakka

    Can't select more than 1 league

    I'm talking for the ones who have this problem for not being able to manage 4 countries, not for you
  11. kjakka

    Can't select more than 1 league

    define "best phones"? do you mean like iPhone X or Samsung Note 9? are we playing game like pubg? this is a small game
  12. yeah great job pointing those up, but still no matter how much you ask for improvement, it will never come.
  13. kjakka

    Fouls bug

    this is not the case, I'm not talking about ref missing a penalty, but more about the cards and this not happens in football
  14. kjakka

    Fouls bug

    The fouls should be fix! How come my player commit a slight tackle and get a card but the opposite team's player ran straight at my player, made a harsh tackle and made my player injured get to walk away free
  15. kjakka

    Features Idea

    rafinha from barca