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  1. kjakka

    Player rating decreasing

    If you're talking about the stats that increase after training and then decrease by the next training, I think it's normal since the training's boost only last for 1 week. cmiiw
  2. kjakka

    Set piece takers

    yeah me too, and they always score. 3 gk already scored against my team and my players like coutinho aren't able to make a single goal from fk
  3. kjakka

    Sm 19 ideas⚽️⚽️

    oh this will be amazing if they choose add them
  4. kjakka

    Qualifications for UCL and UEL

    maybe this is a bug, but in my fixtures i had to play uel qualification even though i'm automatically in ucl
  5. kjakka

    Transfer funds

    yeah me too, my club balance is very high but my transfer budget is not so much
  6. kjakka


    maybe try to change your tactics, don't use the same one every match as it'll get easier to counter your tactics
  7. kjakka

    SM Forum Down?

    Yeah me too.
  8. kjakka


    It's sad that I didn't get the invitation for beta😥
  9. kjakka

    Suggested improvements for 2019

    the SM19 is already out? how to play it?
  10. kjakka

    ‘XXXXX result now in’

    yeah it happened before, but i think it's a good thing, i think it would be great if this thing (skip match) are added in SM19
  11. kjakka

    ‘XXXXX result now in’

    same here
  12. kjakka


    I think releasing on around September-October would be nice so there's time wrap up all the transfers from the summer window.
  13. kjakka


    Does potential works in this game? Does wonderkid works in this game?
  14. kjakka

    Job Offer

    does that mean if I'm performing poor in the team, there's a chance I will be able to choose snaller club?
  15. The main thing i want to see in the next SM is contracts, like when you by a player, you can choose the contract length and maybe some clause. The other one is job offer, i think it's boring when you're on the top teams and can't go to smaller teams anymore, maybe add some tab where there's job list that you can apply rather than just popping out around the transfer windows. that's all i guess, thanks