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  1. Something I've always wondered - how does a players aggression rating in the mental stats effect things? Is it good to have a higher aggression, or will that just mean they get sent off more?
  2. In the early part of the game I just tend to go on player value and their age. I usually go for someone around their mid 20s who will still have time to get a bit better. After 2 or 3 seasons I sell them anyway since I'll have got promoted and they wont be good enough for the next division up. That's why I don't go for young players at the start, they wont have had time to get to their best before they are got rid of. Later on I use the scouts more. The more points you assign the scouts the the more useful they will be, and the more information you can see about a player's stats. The clos
  3. Personally I don't keep any reserves. If I sign for a new club I go through them to see if there are any worth keeping (usually there isn't) - and I put the rest on the transfer list. The only time I did keep reserves was when I was on a long career (winning 30/40 trophies) and all the good players at the start of the game were retiring. By the end of it I had to start signing all the younger talent and leaving them in reserves just so I always had a good player to replace an old one. All the other teams weren't much good as I was just sucking up all the decent players.
  4. Thanks for sorting this. Incidentally I like that some players wouldn't be interested in signing - it's more realistic, but whatever criteria that was being used in that update needed addressing. For instance, a decent player isn't likely to want to drop down a division, but the same player in his low 30s would be more interested in doing that in order to get more first team games. So I wouldn't scrap the system, just tweak it a bit.
  5. I've been playing the game for quite a while, but as of a few days ago I can't sign players over the value of about £4.5 million - I always get a message saying that "I do not feel a move to your club would be beneficial to my career". I was in the English Championship at the time so I concluded that there had been an update to the game - and players weren't interested now as I wasn't in the Premiership. Due to not being able to buy decent player it took 3 seasons to get promoted - but I got there in the end. So I tried signing players again and I'm still in the same situation. I played t
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