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  1. Selling uniforms in order to increase wages and having a game skip option... sounds good to me and pretty simple to add! congrats
  2. Hi developers, First of all, I want to congratulate all of your hard work in this amazing free football manager simulator, you are making great job! Please change the stadium of SC Farense ( 2° portuguese league ) because it's wrong, the currently stadium is 'Estádio do Algarve' but the correct stadium of this club is 'Estádio São Luís' ( https://www.zerozero.pt/estadio.php?id=1218 as you can see in this link ). SC Farense's logo doesn't have quality as the other logo team so would love if you change it for a better one. Also please consider to add an EURO COIN option, in order to play with '€', making it more realistic for european players. Thanks, I hope you see this and keep updating this fantastic game!
  3. Hello guys Please add '€' option so I can switch it in settings (it's just very important having EURO coin)... thank you
  4. Hello guys. I just installed SM 19 Android and my first impression is : - I don't have "€" option; - The game isn't smooth at all; - And I notice that I don't have 2° portuguese league like I had in SM 18, so I hope you update it... thanks
  5. Nobody knows mate, they are working on it. Maybe it will be like September/October idk, but at least the developers already confirmed ( on their Twitter ) that will be a beta version of SM19, so it should be soon
  6. Why did my midfielder went to excellent moral to OK moral? He always play...Is it because I like to swap them in the middle of 2 half? When they are with 70%/80% condition...? What determinate the moral of the players? (And if I play more with a young player he will upgrade his overall faster?) ty
  7. Hi Theo, I'm playing in Android (Huawei P8 Lite 2017) and I downloaded it normally in Google Play Store. As you can see in the printscreens, there is no download/actualization available and it's version 1.5.6
  8. My player had a injurie and I did the substitution... then all crashed but the minutes of the game started rushing, funny bug ahahaha look at the print ?
  9. ty guys, maybe around September... Just one more thing : Is it possible to switch the game money for Euros? (€)??
  10. I hope they improve the overall of the players... A lot of good and talented players are underrated in this game BTW, does anybody knows when will SM19 be ready?
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