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  1. Can someone tell me how to get the best young players, ( their names) those I can use in the game's future
  2. Club and national rankings should be added so that we can see where our team finished at the end of the season.
  3. The player of the year should be added so we will see you plays well in the whole season. Top scorers of the CL and EL should also be added.
  4. Yeah simming of matches should be possible coz you might not want to watch the match
  5. When ever you try to loan a player who isn't in the reserves, that means they are in the first team, it always get rejected and that sucks because they don't even play them . And make it possible to talk to players( players from other clubs ) to know their interest if they will want to play for your team.
  6. Billionaire investment should also be added where investors can invest in your team
  7. They should also combine the international management and club management where by international teams will want you to become their manager because of your progress in the team u r managing Secondly there should be manager ratings so you could see how u progress
  8. Is this a Liverpool team image
  9. When you want to sign a player from other teams,they request big money but you can't request for big money like I wanted to sell Ronaldo for 100mil but the highest bidder was 73mil and that for a player like Ronaldo
  10. U are right but a player like Mbappe who trains almost every his rating is still an 81
  11. Exactly like my young goalkeeper I loaned to another team he had more ratings than the rest of their goalies and still was not playing
  12. I just can't wait for sm 2019 i want to see the upgrades they have made.
  13. You are right and they should also add years on a players contract so that he can be a free agent at the time his contract expires And players kit number should be added because u might have more than 4 players who wear the number 10 and so players should struggle for them to be given that number in a particular club
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