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  1. It turns out that the defender is one of the players who played the most in the season and in each game his morale is falling because he wants more space in the main team, even though he is the team's absolute holder. I can't understand it, and one more mistake happens when offering a new contract to a player, with a higher salary and even then his legal and bad situations do not update and his morale is falling even though the salary is increasing a lot.
  2. I can't test the beta on my iPhone. The game closes when trying to select the database, my iPhone is a 5s, but I have heard several reports from other iPhones with the same problem. Analyze and give me an answer, please.
  3. Allow terminate player agreement on loan before end of contract date. Example: Cucurella From -> Barcelona To -> Leeds United
  4. Thanks for the reply, I'm waiting for the update that will release two save slots.
  5. Thanks for the reply, I'm waiting for the update that will release two save slots.
  6. Adding more save options, being able to drive more than one club, wanting to run another club and having to erase the old history is too bad, add more save options. And try to add information from when the transfers window opens and closes, too bad to know only by a message that arrives in the inbox. It could also have development screens for the young players of the team that can have a lot of potential and we could analyze better with this option. And allow to make an analysis of players from countries not selected.
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