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  1. The highest rated one
  2. I have an idea how about not making a release date and just release the game when it is ready as a surprise because it's already a surprise even with a 'release date' 😂
  3. Build a strong squad but even then it might not work.
  4. What's even more shocking is Mats Hummels getting 10 goals and 17 assists in the Bundesliga.
  5. You guys have missed a number of release dates in the past. Why does this always happen? SM20 isn't the first game you'd have tried to put on Steam surely you know their requirements for publishing. Who is held accountable for these delays? Is it your boss/es who set the release date? If it isn't the boss I'm sure someone has been fired before.
  6. Happy New Year everyone. I wish you all good health and happiness.
  7. When a player returns from a loan he goes back to a previous rating. Example: When you loan a player, if his rating is 73 while on loan when he returns he drops to 67.
  8. I've noticed that teams that are managed by computer all their players have high average performances(AvP). The major of players have over 7.90 AvP. Even teams in the regelation zone have all their players with AvP over 7.90. It looks even more silly when I have 88 rated Romagnoli averaging 6.86
  9. I really need a good explanation for the values of lesser players. I've made several posts the issue but I doubt the matter is looked into full. What's even more shocking, embarrassing and downright mind boggling I seem to be the only one who notices this. Here is an individual case of a lesser player being valued too much and cost too much. Simon Tibbling is valued at £9m. For context, he has never been valued that much in his life according to transfermarkt.com his highest market value was little under £3m and according to soccer manager worlds, he's valued at £2.6m which much closer to the £2.25m transfermarkt.com values him at. As a result of his overvaluation he's being sold for £14m
  10. I can not emphasize how terrible player values are. Player who should be valued a rounded £2m are valued around £9m in some cases. Can someone from the development team respond to my umpteenth post about player values?
  11. How do I access the private forum for the Beta testers?
  12. I've always thought about this. Probably makes it 10x better
  13. Please do. I thought I was the only one to see how bad values are for lesser players but I saw in a Google play review. Players potential is something else to look into
  14. I've complained many time about players being overvalued and gave examples but here's the straw that broke the camel back and it the process killing it. Cause of death? Florentin Pogba being valued at £10m and at one point he was worth £17m. Under no circumstance should he be worth that much because he shouldn't grow a rating where he is worth £17m. Why shouldn't he grow he left France to Turkey(didn't move to a top team) and now he is the MLS but for the current champions Apologies in advance with what I'm about to say. This forum is to help the developer to improve the game. Users are not paid to help and rightly so because you have a choice to do so. For all the people who say values are fine, do you watch football or cricket? Maybe you watch football on a radio Is this game a scam? It would be smart to overvalue players to increase in app purchases. What about coach reports? I did a coach report on Thauvin at the time he was 79 rated and the report said he would be good for the reserve team.
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