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  1. theshed876


    Why can't I find SM19 in Gameroom when I search for it?
  2. theshed876

    A thread on overvalued players!!!!

    I still can't play on Gameroom so I haven't seen it. Would love to look at it but values are bad and ratings
  3. theshed876

    A thread on overvalued players!!!!

    Benjamin André, 28 years old and 72. Valued at £16.32m. Valued at £9m on transfermarkt.com. On Soccer Manager worlds he valued at £5.8m and 88 rated. It's bad enough the values are bad but the ratings are messed up too. Let's reason logic. Why is he valued more on SM19 if he worsts off from the highest rating? SMW best rating 99 B.Andre 88 = 11 ratings off. £5.8m SM19 best rating 97 B.Andre 72 = 25 ratings off So, worst off even though the rating is lower but gains a value of £10.52m? Come SM team that can't be right.
  4. theshed876

    A thread on overvalued players!!!!

    Another one! Dylan Saint-Louis(Paris FC). 60 rated, 23 and valued at £4.69m. His transfermarkt.com valuation is £900k and his Soccer Manager Worlds valuation is £1.6m. Paris FC budget is £1.6m. Fix, please!
  5. theshed876

    A thread on overvalued players!!!!

    I don't really understand what you're saying but there is no cheap gem because values are broken.
  6. theshed876

    Preferred role

    It would be nice if you could see a player's preferred role/style of play outside of the tactics screen.
  7. theshed876

    A thread on overvalued players!!!!

    Jake Livermore 28 years old, 72 rated and valued at £16m. He is valued at £8.10m on transfermarkt.com and £5.7m on Soccer manager worlds. What's really grind my gears with all due respect the game is made in a footballing country how can these things be missed? Like I said its a spin-off to make players values like Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and Hazard look more realistic. His £16m value is more than what West Brom spent in the summer transfer window. Please take a look
  8. theshed876

    A thread on overvalued players!!!!

    To add to that at 70 rated he is a mid-table and lower team player. Mid-table teams don't just have £21m to splash on a 26-year-old keeper. Since the buying club paid £6m more than his original value if you were to add that £6m a more appropriate value of £5m a few of £11m or less wouldn't be bad
  9. theshed876

    A thread on overvalued players!!!!

    Alexander Schwolow valued at £15.39m. 70 overall. Valued at £5.40m by transfermarkt.com. Valued at £5m on Soccer Manager Worlds which you can easily get a budget of a £145m. In game(SM19) He moved from Freiburg to Hannover for £21m. Surely Hannover doesn't have that kind of money
  10. This thread is here to expose overvalued players!! Please give your feedback and leave the names and values of players you think are overvalued. I don't even know some of these players and they are so highly valued. 😂😂😂Player values are a joke in some cases. This game isn't designed to use smaller teams
  11. theshed876

    Free Pack Bug

    Would it be realistic if they had a lot of cash though?
  12. theshed876

    sm19 pc

    I really want to play on my computer. 😔
  13. theshed876

    sm19 pc

    I'm in the US maybe it isn't available here. How about you?
  14. theshed876

    sm19 pc

    Only Soccer Manager 2018 and Soccer Manager Worlds comes up when you search Soccer Manager 2019 or SM19
  15. theshed876

    Facebook Gameroom error

    Same problem. Is it because of the country you're in or brand of laptop