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  1. @Theo(SM Support)ok cool thank you for the heads up looking forward trying beta soon
  2. hope this gets fixed cant wait to test the new SM21
  3. wow just got a invite for SM21 Beta! You have been invited! and went on link got this App not available A testing version of this app hasn't been published yet or isn't available for this account. If you've been invited to become a tester, make sure you're signed in to the account that was invited to the testing program. If you've been invited to a Google Group as part of the program, make sure you've joined the Group.
  4. i loved playing sm2020 on my tablet still do but cant wait to play sm2021 looks awesome
  5. ok cool my team never have good prosession only 23% What About these foward / wingers/ midfelders ?? what do you use ??
  6. thank you do you know any good training drills setting ?? What About these foward / wingers/ midfelders ??
  7. does anyone know the best formation and instruction and training drills to use on Soccer Manager 2019 please add screenshots so i know what im doing thank you :)
  8. very nice site happy to be here
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