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    Save Game gone.......

    Hi, @JamGoo, I've read through the support ticket you have submitted to us as well and wanted to try and help. I can see that you still have VIP on your account and this is shown with the golden logo on the main screen. The VIP package is an account wide feature so it will last with you on any and all save files you will have. Your save file however is only stored locally on your phone. It is possible that the save file could've been deleted accidentally. Android phones treat our save files as "game data" and that can be cleared from the android settings which will delete your save files. As well as this some android storage cleanup features can also delete save games. Are you aware of any of these features being used on you phone recently? Thanks Bamber
  2. Hey @craigibhoy, We decided to disable sackings in SM19 because in early testing it didn't work very well with the updated finances system. We had issues that we couldn't easily resolve which would cause to be sacked even if you were managing the team well. It was our intention to get these issues resolved and reintroduce sackings when it was ready, but instead we had to prioritise other things over sackings. However many of the internal systems will be changing in SM20 and it is our intention to get sackings working fully when SM20 is released. Bamber
  3. We actually made the decision not to show the popup if you aren't connected to the internet. The reason behind that was that we thought it wouldn't be very good to show the popup to you if you're unable to apply the boosts because you cant watch a video.
  4. Can you tell me what platform you are on and what device you are using too? Also are you connected to the internet while you are playing? Because this feature does require an active internet connection. Bamber
  5. Hi @Amar Julian, Yes this is a new feature that has only recently been added to the game. It was introduced in v1.2.6 of the game on Android and iOS only. The boosts that are applied this way only last for that match and the players stats will reset afterwards. Thanks Bamber
  6. Hi everyone, Thought I would introduce myself as well, I'm "Bamber" and I'm a software developer at Soccer Manager. I've been with the company for nearly 4 years now. For the most part I have working full time on SM18, then SM19 and now SM20. I try to keep an eye on the forum regularly and read through when people are talking about in regards to SM19 usually taking most note of any issues people are having and ideas for SM20. Feel free to ask me directly about anything related to SM19 or SM20 and i'll try to answer as best I can. Bamber
  7. Hi @Aristo A, In SM19 the "Team of the Season" gets the best players for each position like Theo says, but it gets all of the players from the countries that you have selected at the beginning of the game, to find one "Team". In SM20 we are looking to do this slightly differently. We are going to have several "Teams of the Season" going forward, it will be one team for each league that is playing. So you will get a message like you do now in SM19 about the Team of the Season for the league you are playing in, but you will also be able to look at the Team of the Season from other leagues that are playing in your game. We are also looking to add new awards into the game as well for individual players, from all players involved in competitions and some for the best players in your club. Hope that sounds a bit more like what you're wanting in SM20 😁, let me know what you think about that too. Bamber
  8. Hi @TTenev, I've just bee having a quick look over the log file you provided, it does seem that your save file has become corrupted, and unfortunately the file can't be restored. You'll have to either delete that file, or overwrite it with a new game. Bamber
  9. Hi @craigibhoy, Sorry to say that this isn't really a bug, but rather the player stats in SM19 are not stored between seasons. There's a few reasons behind this though, its not just been missed out. There are concerns about memory usage issues that storing players stats across all teams in all of your selected countries would cause. This is something we are working out however, it's unlikely it will be ready for SM19, but will be in on future versions. Thanks Bamber
  10. This fix was just a display issue so all your existing saves will work now as well 👍
  11. Hi @errguro, Thanks for reporting this bug, this was a display bug on the player profile for players on loan. A fix has now been done and so it should work for you now if you update your game on steam. Thanks Bamber
  12. Hi @KHOI, Thanks for reporting this, I think this was due to an error in the build process for steam, I have just uploaded a new build to steam that should work for you again. If you dont see the update straight away, then right click on the game listed in your library -> properties ->Local files -> Verify integrity of local files. This should trigger the update to download. Thanks Bamber
  13. Hi @Dogi, Craigibhoy is right, because your managing in the MLS you wont be able to play in Europe on that save file. You can only move take over a club in a different league if you had multiple leagues selected when you started a new game, for example, if you had selected England on its own you could play in any of the 5 English leagues. Or if you had picked several countries you could move to any of those countries selected. The reason you can select countries from different continents is due to the fact that the game code as it stands would struggle to handle it, because its likely that seasons wont all begin and end at the same time, which the game just cant handle correctly right now. Bamber
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