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  1. SM Dev (Bamber)

    A couple of questions

    Hi @Drama, The Blue "Club Points" are based on the save file, not you account so different save files will have different amounts of club points.
  2. SM Dev (Bamber)

    A couple of questions

    If you have sent us a support ticket, after you have loaded your save file, it will get uploaded and attached to your support ticket so we can look at it. However if you haven't selected multiple countries at the start, its impossible to add them to that current save. It is possible to check yourself how many countries you have selected from the League tables screen, if you click the button next to the headings on that screen it will show a popup of all the leagues you can view from all of the selected countries. Don't worry about your SM credits and VIP purchases, these are linked to your account, not just to that save file, so you will still have them if you choose to start a new game.
  3. SM Dev (Bamber)

    A couple of questions

    Hey guys. You will only get job offers from clubs within the countries that you have selected when starting a new game. The only way to be able to get job offers from other countries is to have multiple selected from the start. Bamber
  4. SM Dev (Bamber)

    Weekly Updates?

    Hey guys. I'm wanting to start giving regular updates on things to do with the game on here going forward, so I'm planning on posting a weekly update on whats happening with the game currently and maybe a bit about what is to come as well. If there's anything in particular that you would love to hear more about, or want me to discuss then reply to this thread and let me know. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about me doing something like this, and whether it would be of any interest to you. Let me know what you think and I'll get back to you all soon.
  5. SM Dev (Bamber)

    Best tactics! Can’t win a single game...

    We recommend that personal details are not shared on this forum. Feel free to post your tactics on the forum A tip for improving tactics is to make sure that the players on your team are well resting going into the game, this is indicated on the "Fitness" level each player. If players are playing every match without any breaks their fitness will go down and they will not play as well.
  6. SM Dev (Bamber)

    How to enable full screen

    Hey, on steam if you go to your library, hold the Alt key while you click "Play Game" it will pop up a configuration menu where you can set your resolution. To enable full screen just make sure that "Windowed" is NOT ticked.
  7. SM Dev (Bamber)

    Romania & Egypt Removed

    Hi @craigibhoy, during the initial development of SM19 we took a look at the stats from SM18 and found that there wasn't enough people playing in those nations to warrant us keeping them leagues up to date.
  8. SM Dev (Bamber)

    Bid withdrawn, but what bid?!

    @craigibhoy Once you are ingame, go to "Settings -> Settings" on the side bar, and click the "Select" button under "Help". Then you'll have to option to su bmit a bug ticket.
  9. SM Dev (Bamber)

    Bid withdrawn, but what bid?!

    If you have had this bug can you report it through the in-game bug reporting system. That way we can investigate this in more detail.
  10. SM Dev (Bamber)

    What Have You Guys Been Doing For The Past 2 Years

    There's a few points to make generally about this that I think can explain this for that player. Firstly is that these are two different games, even though both games derive there data from the SoccerWiki they handle them in different ways. In SM19 the ratings of all players, which are obtained from the wiki, are scaled back in order to give room for player growth. That's why the ratings are different for the same player, but it doesn't mean that the player is worse on SM19. The value is calculated completely differently in both games as well. SM19 takes alot more factors into account when calculating a players value than worlds does, and have two very different economies, in SM19 its much easier to obtain cash and its much easier to sell your players than it is on worlds where cash is in shorter supply and its real people making decisions on transfers. Because of these factors the values of players need to change.
  11. SM Dev (Bamber)

    What Have You Guys Been Doing For The Past 2 Years

    Hey guys, A players value is determined by the players current rating, age and hidden potential. Factors that reduce a clubs demands are contract length and player morale. For the most part we believe that our algorithm is solid and generates realistic player values, but if you think thats wrong we would need to see evidence of this before we can look into tweaking the algorithm, including the name of the player, their current stats, club they are at and contract length With the youth players coming out of your academy, the quality of the player is all based on chance. To try to mimic real life the chances of you getting star player through the academy is always low, but the chances do increase when upgrading the youth academy. However this it is not guaranteed to give you the good players so if your unlucky this could be why your not seeing any come through. Other teams youth players work in a similar way, except their chances are weighted towards how good the club is, so this means that teams like Real Madrid will get some better youth players coming through than lower league teams will. It has been done this way because there was an issue in SM18 were some AI teams could stagnate many seasons in, once all the real life players had retired a team like Real Madrid could have been left with only average players that came through the youth academy a few seasons prior. We are aware thought that the youth academy can be improved upon and its something that we are looking into, but it will not be a simple fix, as it will have to be balanced with the rest of the game. Thanks for the messages, I hope that this will clear things up for you.
  12. SM Dev (Bamber)

    What Have You Guys Been Doing For The Past 2 Years

    Hi @BadJob, In regards to the match engine, all of your matches are played out in real time. None of the outcomes are fixed or predetermined, they are simply a result of what happens in the match. The engine will react to the tactics and players on both teams, their stats, their current level of fitness etc. So this means if you change your lineup or tactics, before the game or during, the match will play out differently as your team will make different plays or change how hard they push, depending on what has changed. And with those changes the AI team will react in different ways to your team. However if you run the match and don't change anything it will play out again the same. But even if you change your tactics there is no guarantee that it will change the outcome of the match. The issues with the transfer budget that you have put forward, I've found difficult to answer. This is because your suggestion to calculate the weekly income and outgoings is exactly how the game currently works, and all of the values that are shown influence the total balance of your team. We have changed the way the teams balance works a lot since SM18, with the separation of the wage budget and transfer budgets. We feel like this adds more depth to the game and makes you think more about the transfers that you are making as that team, in order to balance the cost of your players wage bill to the income generated at you club. That being said with it being a new feature it is more likely to have bugs than other areas and it is easy to be unbalanced for some teams. If you are seeing a £20m decrease in your game we would have to look at that on a case by case basis to figure out what is happening see if there are any underlying issues. If you send us a bug ticket with the effected save file loaded we can get a copy of your save file and look into it here. I am interested to keep exploring feedback further on here and any other thread for that matter, i do read the vast majority of posts when i can, and i want to keep up with this kind of community engagement. Don't worry about spending time on writing replies, i have likely spent longer writing this one
  13. SM Dev (Bamber)

    What Have You Guys Been Doing For The Past 2 Years

    Hi @BadJob, Thanks for your feedback on SM19, we are always looking for more feedback as it lets us know what our users like and don't like in the game, its also a great way for us to find and track down any bugs in the game. From what we can see currently the vast majority of players are happy with the game as it stands, so it would be great to discuss the concerns with the game, that you have mentioned above in more detail. Hopefully i can provide some clarification on any issues you have seen, and if not then we could discuss how best to resolve things. Bamber
  14. SM Dev (Bamber)

    Details make the difference!

    Hey Jota8000, Thanks for the feedback, i just wanted to let you know that all the data for the game, including club logos and stadiums is community generated. So we dont have direct control over it. This means that you can go over to https://en.soccerwiki.org, create an account or login, find SC Farense and submit a change for that team. Other members of the community will then vote on the changes to approve them.
  15. SM Dev (Bamber)

    progress bug

    I'm not sure about notifications, that might depends on your phone settings, but you can enable Auto-update from the app store.