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  1. weasellim

    Free Kicks vs. Player Ratings

    I have recently been noticing a "bug" with free kicks. Basically, if the free kick is missed, the free kick taker's rating goes down by 2. This happens even when the goalkeeper saves the free kick. This is not realistic and I think it needs to be addressed.
  2. I am the head admin of a FC Barcelona Discord server and would like to make a custom club with all of my friends included in it. However, I cannot figure out how to make my own Data Pack. The instructions that were given in https://www.soccermanager.com/community-data-packs.php weren't really clear. Can someone please help me with this? Thanks.
  3. I think that it would be a good idea to add USL to the game. As a resident of Ladue, Missouri, my local club is Saint Louis FC. Unfortunately, they are not in the MLS but are in USL instead. USL also includes some reserve teams of MLS clubs like La Galaxy II and New York Red Bulls II.
  4. weasellim

    A few bugs that I found in SM19

    1. The roles that I set change when a game starts and I have to change them back. For example, I would set Tim Weah to take free kicks but it changes to DeAndre Yedlin when the game starts. 2. My players' stamina tank when a game starts. For example, a player's stamina could be at like 90-something% but it drops to around 80-something% a few seconds after kickoff. 3. Player ratings for young players sometimes go down. For example, I trained Tim Weah's pace to 92 but then it went back down to like 89. I think that this is a bug and is unrealistic since his pace should only be going down after he is around like 30 years old.