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  1. I won the community shield and my money is still the same. I play matches and my money still do not increase. Every time the transfer window opens, I get a message saying a bug error. Please fix this.
  2. Really? So it's just a boost for the 1 week. That's just playing dirty theo. Lol.. they need to improve not get a boost for a week
  3. I understand that but my players are young. You can't be 26 and your stats are decreasing. And I have realize it with other players too. Rashford attacking attribute decrease by one, lindelof same. At their age they should be at their best not getting worse.
  4. I did it but my team is still giving me any good results. I'm starting to think it's the game itself. All the top teams are losing too. Lol...
  5. No all my players morale are high. About 3 of bench players have morale that is not high.
  6. In my first season I was winning my matches, wasn't dominating but I did enough to win efl cup, fa cup, and the premier league. In my second season with the same tactics, formation and few top rated players added to my squad, I am failing to win a match. Already played 10 match in the league and I'm sitting at tenth in the league. I am losing and drawing against some small fry teams that I should be destroying. Help please
  7. My players are always getting cards, whether it's red or yellow. I can't play 5 matches straight without picking up a red card, so just imagine how much yellow cards I'm getting in my matches. And my tackling style is normal. And why do my players have to injure so often? Juan Mata was injure for 10+ weeks after he return he is injure again for 10+ weeks. Like what is going on.
  8. Ever since I take over Manchester United, I trained my players every week. Some how Bailly ratings keep increasing and decreasing. It all start when I get his defense to 82. After that I thought he would grow but he is going down then he go up again then down again. I can't take it anymore and I find the players lack of development weird.
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