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  1. Common

    Feedback SM19

    First of all great job, a lot of improvements to SM18. Some feedback/ideas from my side: - Results shown: It's actually a bit annoying having to click through all the Champions Leage and Euro League, other leage results/draws if you are playing 2nd league. Would be great to have the chance to activate/deactivate the results you are interested to see - Translation errors: There are still some translation mistakes in the tactics section. In the German version (Android), some content is shown in Spanish (?) - (blue) bonus points: I do appreciate it a lot that you kept this game playable without having to invest money to proceed and therefore have commercials included. Still, I am a bit sad that if you play the game offline, you are only able to collect half of the (blue) bonus points after a win - Advancements: For some advancements - eg stadium - it would be great to not just depend on the (blue) bonus points but also achieve them through financial investment - Budget: the new budget separation into transfer budget and salary budget is not really clear to me. Generally it's a good idea to make the game more realistic in terms of available money does not fully equal transfer money, but the way it is now it's pretty confusing - Free agent players: For me, it is still a little bit too easy to advance through hiring free agent players - Tactical options: I don't know how the other players are coping with this, but for me it is still unclear, how these settings really influence the game. More transparent options would be great. Again, thanks for all you efforts, it's a great game to play!
  2. Common

    Game Crash Draw for Euro League

    Issue Summary: Game Crash before draw for Euro League Issue Details: In my third season I managed to qualify for the Euro League. After having successfully passed the qualification round, the game crashes (I receive a pop-up that an error was detected). If I hit cancel, I get a blank screen for the draw of the first round of the English FA Cup Countries selected at start: Germany, Austria, England, Spain Game Date(when issue was found): 08.11.2018 Device details; BRAND : Samsung MODEL : Galaxy S8+ OS : Android VERSION : 8.0.0
  3. Common

    Translation Bug

    In the German version, some options/content in the tactics section for attack are in French.
  4. Common


    Hi, I use all training modules provided at the same frequency. Does it make any different to focus on specific ones more often in different stages of the season? Thanks!