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  1. Ok you beat me. I’ve tried everything. Changing formations,tactics,players, player roles. None of it seems to matter!!! Even when the other team has a player sent off! They still come back to draw or even win! It’s like the game randomly decides that your going drop points and nothing you can do will change that! At other times it seems to decide ok now your going to win 4-1 doesn’t matter who your playing! There has to be some kind of CONSISTENCY! I don’t expect one formation or set of tactics to dominate every game but there has to be some reasonable base line. Losing 3-2 to the last place team, drawing 4-4 to the 10th place team and beating the 2nd place team 4–1, all with the exact same starting lineup, feels like either complete randomness or predetermination. If my defense isn’t good enough give me some hint, if my strikers aren’t up to level then don’t let them Score 5 goals one game then put 2 out of 20 shots on target the next game against a worse team!!! I genuinely do like this game, it’s the only mobile game I’ve ever spent money on. I respect what the devs are trying to do, if I didn’t I wouldn’t bother coming here, I’d just write it off as a bad game and delete it. But it’s not a bad game, it just needs a little polish and we the players need a little more of an idea of where to start tactically if there are changes made after an update. Ok rant over.
  2. Absolutely on the free kicks! If I give up a foul within range of my goal I just assume it’s going in. I never was able to manage a completely undefeated season, I had a couple where I lost one game usually against city or Barca. I’m hoping to get bromley to that point but it’s still a few seasons away. If you’re looking for an interesting challenge pick a team from a lower league and build them up through the youth academy. Oh yeah a funny thing did just happen, I lost a penalty shootout to a keeper facing the wrong way!🤣
  3. I did manage to finish 5th in the championship and scrap through the playoffs for promotion. Then with virtually the exact same team managed to finish second in the premier league! That season I never changed my formation of 4-5-1, only my mentality and my tempo. I would start off very defensive and slow, then go to fast after I conceded, then would go all out attack if I conceded again. It was almost like you had to make changes just to make changes, not because they made sense. As far as the graphics go, watching your 75 rated 100k a week defender run away from the ball, letting the attacker get an easy goal, that’s not frustrating that’s infuriating! Lol if it’s a glitch it desperately needs to be fixed. I’m happier with the game than I was but I’m still searching for that consistency.🙂
  4. Yeah you get the tokens back unassigned, you can reallocate them anyway you want in your new club. And yeah I have had players just end up leaving the club because I didn’t offer them a new contract and no other team came in for them. And always happy to help. 😁
  5. Glad I’m not the only one to notice the massive difficulty spike. I hate to say it but the game just isn’t fun for me in this state. It seems I’m destined to lose no matter my tactics. I fully acknowledge that it could be that my team of very young players just isn’t good enough for the current league, and if that’s the case I can accept that. But watching my team inexplicably pass the ball all the way back to my keeper only for him to pass to a defender who will either stop the ball and run away leaving the ball for an attacker to run onto and score or to just simply kick the ball directly at the attacker and have it bounce into the box for him to score, is a lil frustrating to say the least! I don’t expect to dominate every season especially when working my way up through the leagues but when it doesn’t seem to matter what I do....well just isn’t fun for me.🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Yes the club points move with you. As far as selling players go it’s an issue I’ve always had as well, it seems teams won’t offer on a player until he’s in the last year of his contract and at a severely reduced price.
  7. But has the game gotten harder since the last update? I went from absolutely dominating league one(England) winning by 15 points and a staggering 120+ goal difference to being lucky to draw with last place teams in the championship league(2nd division) after the update. I understand I went up a league but surely there can’t be that massive a difference between the two.and yes I’ve got my players in their preferred positions and roles. I’ve tried different formations and the change will work for a few games then go right back to losing again. And it’s more than a lil frustrating to watch your team give up goals seemingly on purpose!
  8. Anybody know when or if a career can end? Is it a set number of years? In short am I wasting my time trying to get a club out of a $35 million debt?
  9. I find it’s best to use the search feature to sort by position and what your looking to pay for a player. Then pick 3-4 players that look like they fit your needs and then scout them for specific attributes. And don’t forget to check the free agents list I’ve found some really good players on there.
  10. If I change teams do the club points (blue tokens) move with me? Example: if I max out the youth academy at one club and then move to another, do I get those points back to help build the new team?
  11. Quick question, does anybody else have an issue with the number of yellow cards they receive? Is it just me that gets 4-5 players carded in some games? I don’t have tackling turned up, if I did it would make sense but I haven’t touched that setting.
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