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  1. I honestly think that what I implied was very clear and relatively easy to fix from the programming point of view, so I could not quite get what you meant when you said "in more detail". Solution is pretty simple. Adding algorithms (very basic) which match the improvement seen in the training facilities to the player cards (just a single bond of coding will get the job done). I've seen that you guys have improved the possession "bug" so congrats on that great job. Still have a few problems with the gameplay. Having 25 shots a game, 15 on target and not scoring a single goal frustrates many players. It's pretty clear that the games are "pre-destined", and you must change the algorithm of that. Putting in worse players in overall who have lower morales might make you win a game that you drew with the best players on high morales which is very frustrating. Even seeing that your team had 25 shots and no goals is frustrating. Rather than predestining the end game results, you should make a shots on target/goal percentage. 1 goal for every 5-6 shots on target seem respectable. Transfer budget should honestly be the easiest thing to both understand and fix. Literally rather than giving bs values on the "finances" section, write out a code which instantly makes the calculation (weekly income-weekly expenditure) which instantly changes the lower bottom part of the balance. No user wants to see a -20m decrease in their bottom right corner the moment transfer windows opens... Transfer prices are still utterly stupid. The only half decent offer you get are for the "star" players. I also am fully aware that I just lost 5 minutes in writing this since you wont make any changes regarding the real problems. You fellas are trying to milk a cow that is going to die soon, rather than trying to fix it in order to make revenue in the long term. Just like the "football man" game we had a few years back.
  2. HAHAHHAHA... Better contract negotiation? Buying a 30m player for 50m? Or selling a 30m player for 15m tops? Or not getting a single dime throughout the season via matches, and relying solely on prize money for transfers? While I have the right, and knowledge to bash the worst coding personal I have ever seen, its pretty clear that you are one of those fanboys that will ride whatever crap is thrown at you. There is absolutely no improvement in the game, in fact it is less smooth, less realistic, and way more glitchier compared to the previous games. Having as terrible coding as they have in such a simple engine is disgusting by itself. It is also very clear that you know nothing about coding, thus appraising this piece of crap. I, as a senior in computer science, can code this game in no more than 3 days with a better job (less glitches, more realistic features) and if a group of individuals who WORK form a firm, and DO this coding can't make a better job; they are literally asking to get bashed by people with education while fanboys like you will keep divinize them. So get the hell out of this post before I bash you with more statements.
  3. I'm actually amazed how bad you guys managed to produce this game, the world should take you as an example on how to "upgrade" anything. I do not even know where to start. The reason that I'm so pissed is not because you guys made a very bad game, but because you had a great building block (sm 18) and threw this piece of junk on us as "sm19". With an 85+ team (man city with neymar and oblak additions), I have 30% vs relegation teams in both the prem, the cl, and the cups, that makes no sense. If you are gonna nick my wins away, at least do it respectfully. Rather than making me loose to west albion, make me loose to United or Chelsea with a decent possession. Although you guys stated that the transfermarket was much better than the previous one, its a goddamn joke :D Teams buy played off me only if I put them in the market, and the best deal I get is 15% down the actual price. On the other hand, if I want to buy a played from a team, I have to pay 30% + the actual price, total joke. The "development" phase sucks as usual, so you guys did not surprise me in that one. Wonderboys gain 1-2 points per year (not even during it, yearly random attribute boosts), while random kids come up with 90 overalls. Why the hell should I give points to training, when training gives my players no boosts? The cl draws suck, which I'll make no comments on, cause I have expecting it. What have you guys been doing for the past year? Your coding is probably very bad, no new ideas have been implemented, the game let alone being developed even a bit, it regressed from the previous soccer manager, and the only thing that you fellas changed is the graphics. No one cares about the game being 3d or not, everyone wants to have a more realistic, smooth and fun GAMEPLAY. Good job fellas, you guys have destroyed a game that millions loved.