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    Supercup bug¡¡¡¡

    Strategy overall like trainings and transfers or just formation/roles etc? I don't really play the game anymore but I can make a thread about my Roda team when I'll have time.. My final trophy list after 8 seasons
  2. davor

    Major bug

    Ok.. Sm19 is not playable anymore.. At least my save.. I think SS doesnt need to be explained + euro super cup isnt fixed but that's minor issue
  3. davor

    Supercup bug¡¡¡¡

    Did you solve Supercup? I didnt win any euro throphy since than so idk.. New bug: I have two Groningens hahaha
  4. davor

    Supercup bug¡¡¡¡

    Also one more question.. How do I backup my save if I change phones? I didn't expect to be in 7th season lol Also since I missed Eerste divise trophy.. If i move to smaller club do my trophies stay with me? One more "bug" - clubs from countries you chose tend to be much stronger than others.. For example I Have Italy but not Spain or England and all Juve, Inter, Milan, Lazio are stronger than Real, Barca, City etc... And clubs from Greece and Russia are also much stronger.. And I think you should also add ability to see players history not just for current season but for all seasons since start.. Because I have few players playing for my club for 6 seasons and it would be interesting to see their apps goals assists etc... I just thought of these things.. But the topic is still Euro Supercup.. It's annoying and i kind of dont want to move the dates now (play the game)
  5. davor

    Supercup bug¡¡¡¡

    Countries selected at start: Netherlands Russia Greece Italy Game Date(when issue was found):see screenshot Device details; BRAND :sony MODEL :xperia compact OS :android VERSION idk.. Latest
  6. davor

    Supercup bug¡¡¡¡

    You dont get trophy when you win european supercup.. Also you don't play the match.. Result just pops up next day in the game.. Happened to me second season in a row.. Also penalty shoot-out is made horribly in the game.. Score appears before player even take a penalty and losing team always scores 0 or 1 goal Edit: also what is exactly KNVB cup.. Doesn't exist in the game.. It's KNVB Beker but there are both on trophies list