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  1. davor

    No sacking feature

    You can get sacked in SM? 😂
  2. davor

    How do I improve possesion %

    Find my tactics in the boot room sub forum.. It should help a lot
  3. davor

    Epic Matches Thread

    Post here some fun matches... Here are my 5 5) Atalanta - Roda 4-6 - Europa league knockout stage 4) Feyenoord - Roda 1-8 - Europa league knockout stage 3) Roda - Benfica 6-2 - Europa league semi - finals 2) Roda - Internazionale 2-1 - Champions league finals 1) Roda - AC Milan 1-0 - Super Cup
  4. davor

    SM19 4-5-1 Domination by Davor

    Sorry for multiple posting.. Just before I stopped playing I had few other Ss.. Showing how tactics worked in the game..
  5. davor

    SM19 4-5-1 Domination by Davor

    Thing in the game is that i don't think whrn midfielfers create space for wingback to run forward he wont do it.. He wont act like a winger.. Instead wide midfielder will act like a winger which is not good.. But most of the attack you want throught middle so having good AM is important.. Finding roles for "supporting" midfielders would be crucial.. Also for defenders because as I said.. Wb want act like a wingers if you provisr them room so don't know if its better to leave them as full backs.. Also you want central back to cover empty space left by playing hight defence and you cant play offside trap.. 'Modern' or sweepwr keeper should stay much further upfield.. But he doesn't do it.. I dont have time to play game atm and am not sure how game engine works really.. So if someone wants to play and of we creat strategy to creating roles and maybe transfer strategy it would be nice
  6. davor

    SM19 4-5-1 Domination by Davor

    Didn't play enough to figure out player roles.. Played with default roles in 451 with at mid.. Tried using modern keeper but he doesnt really goes out to pick up and play the ball.. It would probably be logical to play mk-wb-bpd-bpd-wb-wm-?m-?m-wm-playmaker-general forward.. But never tried it so idk.. Most of the time I had ~75% posesion
  7. davor

    SM19 4-5-1 Domination by Davor

    Played two more games.. It works really well even against much stronger sides.. If someone wants to test and improve it, it would be great.. I think only weakness is that defence can be beaten with long balls too easy... Imho 2 solutions could be drop defensive line deeper which would kind of ruin the idea of this system.. Other would be using sweeper keeper but i still don't know how they work in this game... With 2 ball playing defenders in front of sweeper keeper maybe..
  8. Assign blue points to max out attacking training (to train passing, set pieces, tehnical ability which are most important for this tactic) and max out stadium support.. Buy a players that can pass the ball and it's necessary to have good set piece takers and captain.. You want to crowd the midfield and also not have lack of players in defence so I think default 451 tactic with AM not DM is great.. Play short passes and space out the players.. Tempo slow and attacking/adventerous football.. If you want to park the bus than play 451 with DM and defensive/disciplined.. You want to have ball as soon as you lose it so press all over the pitch with high defensive line and aggressive tackles.. Obviously focus attacks through the middle, make midfielders run towards the goal.. Look for overlap and work the ball to the box! Hope it helps.. I played this game way too much so this is my gift to you 😛 Look at the team I took over (obviously due to bugs but nevermind) and results 2 months later in the game..
  9. davor

    Major bug

    So this can't be fixed so 1/4 countries in this save are unplayable.. But guess what 3/4 countries in my save are unplayable because if I go to any club in italy or greece game just wont create new fixtures and you can roll it till december.. Unless you enter training screen for some reason it freezes like a SS in your game.. So I went in Russia only country left I can play and this happens.. Ps Spent too much playing this.. Feel like tester.. Give me some money hahaha 😛 EDIT.. If you didnt get the groningen bug... The thing is thete are 2 teams playing separate fixtures but both get points from both matches
  10. davor

    Supercup bug¡¡¡¡

    Ok, I'll try to write down story in road to glory section... But I don't think tactics etc have much to do with common sense... Game is fun but it's probably not worth that much in game time.. I took over willem II season after this and won eerste divise because I missed that thropy.. Their team was stronger than my Roda team and the only reason they were 8th when I took them over was because they didn't have GK so they played forward guy as GK haha.. After that I wanted to play in Italy in Bologna Serie B but the game just freezes when I tak over any team in italy.. So I have russia left.. I took over only available club and look at their rooster hahaja its incredible.. Some teams later on tend to player with 2+ gks in first 11.. Regarding the tactics I played 4231B almost al the time.. GK-wb-dc-st-wb-dlp-btb-w-ap-w-gf attacking + adventerous + agressive + all over + high defence line + direct balls.. Funny thing is that Roda was relegated when I left to willem II with the same team I left and with 250 milions to spend... So I think game is biased to player very much... At willem I had ridiculously good team.. I just bought GK and didnt even bother to touch original setup and this tactics are really good I think if you have dominant team.. 4-4-2 A. Attacking adventerous.. Short passing slow tempo spaced.. Midfielders run forward and defence set the sam as I had with Roda.. 18/20 games I more than 70% posession.. Complete domination.. When in Roda last season I had only 2 non dutch players and 23 academy players.. EDIT: Bug if so in attachment.. Its crazy.. Also they have that much gks in reserve team too
  11. davor

    Supercup bug¡¡¡¡

    Strategy overall like trainings and transfers or just formation/roles etc? I don't really play the game anymore but I can make a thread about my Roda team when I'll have time.. My final trophy list after 8 seasons
  12. davor

    Major bug

    Ok.. Sm19 is not playable anymore.. At least my save.. I think SS doesnt need to be explained + euro super cup isnt fixed but that's minor issue
  13. davor

    Supercup bug¡¡¡¡

    Did you solve Supercup? I didnt win any euro throphy since than so idk.. New bug: I have two Groningens hahaha
  14. davor

    Supercup bug¡¡¡¡

    Also one more question.. How do I backup my save if I change phones? I didn't expect to be in 7th season lol Also since I missed Eerste divise trophy.. If i move to smaller club do my trophies stay with me? One more "bug" - clubs from countries you chose tend to be much stronger than others.. For example I Have Italy but not Spain or England and all Juve, Inter, Milan, Lazio are stronger than Real, Barca, City etc... And clubs from Greece and Russia are also much stronger.. And I think you should also add ability to see players history not just for current season but for all seasons since start.. Because I have few players playing for my club for 6 seasons and it would be interesting to see their apps goals assists etc... I just thought of these things.. But the topic is still Euro Supercup.. It's annoying and i kind of dont want to move the dates now (play the game)
  15. davor

    Supercup bug¡¡¡¡

    Countries selected at start: Netherlands Russia Greece Italy Game Date(when issue was found):see screenshot Device details; BRAND :sony MODEL :xperia compact OS :android VERSION idk.. Latest