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  1. You'll know 😁 in my case is a midfielder (DM,MC) now he's 22yo with a 92 lvl, but when he appeared he was 20yo with a 78-80 lvl I can't remember any more, but it's really clear it's not a normal player 😊.
  2. errguro

    Training issue

    It's strange, that doesn't happens to my team (I'm in my 7th season), they vary between grey and green or yellow throughout the month. Have you checked individual training reports? If they are not evolving you can have a better notion why that happens by checking their stats and choosing different training drills, I also use the summer break to make really hard training drills, that always add some levels πŸ˜‰
  3. errguro

    Suspensions bug

    Strange, I can't delete the second image... Maybe it's a forum bug! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Issue Summary: Can't delete a picture uploaded in the forums Issue Details: I've pasted a picture into the post above, but it's doubled and I can't delete one of those pictures
  4. errguro

    Suspensions bug

    Maybe this is a known bug, but because I don't have many suspensions on my team, and I'm sure that the suspension system worked on the first two seasons (I think it even counted the yellow cards) because this was an issue on the SM19 and I've tested this at first, but today this happened: Issue Summary: Suspension system bugged Issue Details: When a player is suspended due to a red card the game tries to enforce the suspension on a passed game. As you can see from the image below, the game where the player received the red card was in August 15th 2026, and the suspensio
  5. Ty d3ka, I was also trying to understand if this was an issue with my PC or my installation and you answered that, let's hope that the devs can fix it sometime 😊
  6. So, I was checking the forums and I've decided to read the rules ☺️ so here it goes my "officially" bug report: Issue Summary: I can't negotiate bids Issue Details: When I receive an offer for a player in my team, no matter if it was a player that I've listed for transfer or an unlisted player and I try to negotiate the bid by selecting the option "Your bid was too low" I can only make counter offers of values lower than 100€, no matter the player value. Countries selected at start: I don't know how to be sure about this one, but when I choose the "League select"
  7. When I receive an offer for a player in my team and I try to negotiate the bid I can only make counter offers of values lower than 100€, no matter the player value. Does anyone else has this bug, or knows how to fix it? Thank you.
  8. Na realidade pode tentar renovar o contrato, mas pode nΓ£o funcionar. Eu fui buscar o CR7 a meio da minha segunda Γ©poca e ele queria aposentar-se passado 1 ano e meio, mas quando chegou a julho recebi o aviso dos jogadores com contratos a acabar e ele estava lΓ‘, propus um novo e ele ainda anda por cΓ‘ 38 anos de idade lvl 94 e sempre a facturar!
  9. errguro

    sm20 steam bug

    It's working 😁 ty all for the hard work! πŸ‘πŸ€©
  10. errguro

    Sm20 bugs

    OMG! Portugal is gonna win the euro 2020 with this team!!! 😁 😁
  11. errguro

    Steam bug

    I don't know if this helps, but I've tried to run the game from the SM20.exe file and it installed SM18 instead, when I tried to use the SM20.exe file after that it started SM18...
  12. errguro

    Steam bug

    My connection is on optical fiber with a ping of 7ms, Download speed of 176.9Mbps and Upload speed of 105.5Mbps, it's working fine
  13. errguro

    Steam bug

    When I start the game it gets stuck on a screen asking to choose a data pack; if I hit Esc it changes to a settings screen where it shows that the Ultra World Data Pack is active and I can't change this option; if I hit Esc again it takes me to the New Game screen, but when I try to start a new game it goes back to the "Choose Data Pack" screen only now it asks to check the network connection... so, maybe a bug? Oh, and the game version is 1.2.2, I've just sent a ticket to support. btw, my computer is an Asus TUF FX505DY
  14. I'm at 20/21 season and sometimes when I choose "Laps of the Pitch" training drill it only affects 3-4 players or no player at all.
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