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  1. Varas

    World wide Scout

    Why i cant send my Scout World wide, it say that i didnt open that Continent, but i did my opgrdades in Scout facilities???
  2. I Chose ultra World pack for my save game, but i cant find how Can i change my players names, there is no difference with pack og withuot... should i start new game for the pack to kick in, Can you please explain step by step how to use packs thsnks
  3. Varas

    Transfer banned

    A lot of players are transfer banned, playing with shakhtar and cant buy a lot of good Young players from lower teams, not realistic... please help, thanks
  4. Hey SM, I play with shakhtar in ukranian league, and i cant make a transfer bid on halv of players from the league, only loan, please help! Cause i think its a fun game, thanks
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