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  1. 1.It would not be bad if you could choose the players who go to the corner near the opponents' goal (respectively, you need to choose their number, and the game will automatically select the highest (excluding the goalkeeper and the corner player). If you choose 10, then go which is useful in the last minutes when you lose with a minimum margin, but there can be a counterattack. 2. Make it so that you can choose with whom you play in friendly matches, and that they have been since June. You can choose not your country for fees (Austria, for example), but the game will generate clubs that also decided to gather there (not necessarily Austrian). That is, you choose your dates and clubs. 3. You can transfer games. It will be especially useful for the last friendly match and the super bowl of the country in version 19 of the year. 4. The possibility that the players on some games would be inaccessible, for example because of the games in the national teams. Euro, friendlies, selections, etc. Ideally, the opportunity to choose coaching between the club and the national team, but this is not possible?
  2. Every match is important, I don’t really like the idea ..
  3. Football

    Bug with a club

    Issue Details: I played for Atletico Madrid (off-season 2026), and I suddenly received a notice of work for Barcelona. I accidentally clicked the mouse, and it so happened that I became a coach. Since I have a laptop, I tried to quickly turn it off (:)). He turned off, but after the appearance of the inscription "Your game was successfully saved." But now the following has happened Countries selected at start: Spain, Russia, England, France Game Date(when issue was found): 29.05.2019 I believe that the characteristics of my laptop are useless here, since the problem is in-game and it doesn’t depend on the computer / laptop, much less the operating system. Please return me the date (off-season 2026) or otherwise I see no reason to play if all the data may not be saved. About the screenshot: almost all the buttons on the screen are not clickable.
  4. Thanks to the developers for the fact that now the teams of teams do not remain the same over the years. However, these are transfers, usually where my team does not participate. Even if you have stars in the composition, then the probability that they will be bought is low, unless of course you put them on the transfer. My suggestion is (in short): to buy star players from my team. If your high-level team - that would buy the same high-level clubs. What would they themselves (!) Offer transfer. Medium - then bought the same average.
  5. I have already started a new game And I saw an online account here (screenshot below) P.S. I said at the beginning of the post that I did not take part in that match. I just watched the match Real-Huesca in the "Games", because our games went in parallel. And yes, maybe I misunderstood you, or maybe you me, because I am writing from Google translator
  6. Football

    Match result bug

    First I want to say that I played for Barcelona, that is, a team that did not play in the match-bug. The bug is that team 1 (in this case Huesca) scored more goals than team 2 (in this case Real), but Real won. Even watching the result in an online match (matches went in parallel), I saw that Huesca won. This match prevented me from becoming a champion :) I have not seen this bug once, but only took one photo.
  7. I suggest that you could offer a specific team to buy / rent a player. For example, I need to sell / lease some player, and I can offer some team to buy it / rent, but the team may refuse.
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