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  1. Can anyone add players in soccerwiki? If so i would love to ask you if you could put some players that i would love to see in game 😖😖 i tryed to get level 4 but its not possible 😂
  2. This game is still in early state and i would love to give my suggestion for future updates 1. Release Clauses 2. More new leagues and second leagues 3.Continetal Cup to be named Europa League and Champions League 4. EURO 2020 5. Talk to the players 6. Sponsors 7. Default Pack being sacked with all Badgeds and Faces 8. Having in all leagues u-21 so you can give play time for your young players
  3. First things first , i know that there are not people playing this club . But to be honest the reason why i downloaded this game was just because i saw NK Osijek... there are is no game that has that ability with all face pictures , logo of the club and rest...Soo i decided to try my best and to try give my suggestion for this years game ... I would LOVE to see these thing that i added in a photos that most of them come at final game , The reason why i did this is also because we are still im BETA version... - So i added these things as my suggestion for NK Osijek. •New transfers •New updated faces •new starting 11 players •New reserves •players that are out in a team -Thank you for reading this suggestion and i would love to see these thing added in SM20 -To all of DEV TEAM , i can give you in inbox each picture of png for pictures players , if you liked these suggestions and if you would like to add these things •It tookt me over +4 Hours to make pictures , research and rest... •And I call all players to try to make same thing as i did 🙂 •DOMINIK GULIĆ
  4. For how long do we have to wait until next phase of beta testers come out...I would love to try new SM20 asap honestly...And im sure there are loads of lads waiting same like me.
  5. I hope that the company wont be falling , honestly
  6. Is there a chance of you putting me as a beta tester right now? You told me you will put me but you didnt , im not blameimg you but im just asking
  7. Still waiting for invite 😢😢
  8. I didnt get the invite , that means i need to wait for next invite phase?
  9. Those players are available to use at any time , you can only have 25 players in starting eleven ... I use reserves for young players who i bought or the players i get from academy..
  10. What time will it be available??
  11. My ideas •Is there going to be better academys •Skiping penalties •U-21 , U-18 •More player faces insted of no face player •finding easyer club for loaning your player •realese clause •Buying player with cash and a player from your club •EURO20 •Player number kits •stadium not being full for small teams •more leagues (Croatian Second League😏) •Sponsors Tnank you for reading !
  12. I would love to know what out developers of this game would like to add . •Is there going to be better academys •Skiping penalties •U-21 , U-18 •More player faces insted of no face player •finding easyer club for loaning your player •realese clause •Buying player with cash and a player from your club •EURO20 •Player number kits •stadium not being full for small teams •more leagues (Croatian Second League😏) •Sponsors There are many of ideas from this forum and people would like to know what can we expect, i know that you answer some peoples question but we would like to know more.. Tnank you for reading !
  13. Pay to win is when you are playing it online , this is not online game mode ... Best way to play this game is to play it and learn whe way of being manager on your own
  14. I would like to ask developers is there any chance that we can choose between some new leagues , by voting league that we would like to see in SM20 . And also is there any new teaser for sm20 • For Developers •
  15. I have a new idea that developers of this game could use in SM20. Imagine if you are smaller team and you need money , best way is to sell players for money right? But if you sell half of your team , your team will become worse so how about adding SPONSORS . Sponsors doesnt need to be Nike , Adidas , Puma and all that , it could be some random names sponsors because we all know issue with licence , but if you could add something like real names sponsors it would be really cool. Sponsors could be rated from 5 star that is the best sponsor and best money to 1 star sponsor to worse money , But hey you would still make some money!! •Thank you for reading and making this game having more ideas , Please writte your ideas so our developers could get some ideas from us , if you want to make best game you have to listen to players who are playing it daily... and taking there IDEAS
  16. Croatian Second League would be more then enough , if we they add Croatian Third League ratings and players would be so lower that it would be pointless
  17. It would be great for your [ NEW ] talented and young players to give them a play time and to take young players from u-teams and b teams , they could copy something like FOOTBALL MANAGER 19 where you could get players from your academys and b teams! Thank you for reading and i hope we can get best possible SM20 !
  18. It would be cool to have mode like ultimate team , imagine all players have there price and make your dream team . That you could play Online or Ofline , informs , other special moments card ... It would have more things to do in game other then playing carrer mode which i love!
  19. Croatian Second League 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  20. Also i would like to see young players to find loaned clubs much easyer
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