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  1. Hi, hope someone can help. I have recently installed SM19. I played previous of SM and was a big fan of the game. Unfortunately the last year I've been busy and have only just had time to start playing again. Each time i'm trying to improve my squad, the player ratings will not show. The majority of these are in the loan/transfer listing, and only shows ??. I've now signed players pre-season with a lower rating than the rest of my team. Am I doing something wrong, or is this meant to be a 'locked feature'? I have tried searching for the answer but no results have come up. I also remember in previous versions you could train players to adapt to different positions (E.g an AML to AMR) however can not see any option to do so. Is this still a feature? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am playing on an IPhone 5s. Thanks, Jimi
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