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  1. @SM Dev (Sam) @Theo(SM Support) @admin
  2. Did you give up the game? No longer update leagues They do not update clubs with hiring and sales of players @Theo(SM Support) @SM Dev (Sam)
  3. You update the game but do not fix the leagues and do not update the clubs right. Seriously, I give up asking for this or give my opniao here. You do not take anything we mean. @Theo(SM Support) @SM Dev (Bamber)
  4. Kenn


    Mas tem jogador la no time do Cruzeiro que ta no site que voce nao colocaram. Se quiserem, eu pego todos os times que estao na serie A e B e posto aqui para voces; E posto os jogadores que tem em cada time, assim podem atualizar rapido e ninguem mais vai reclamar @Theo(SM Support) @SM Dev (Bamber)
  5. @SM Dev (Bamber) @Theo(SM Support) Voces nao vao atualizar os times BR nao? O time do Cruzeiro esta faltando jogadores. Na realidade, os times brasileiros estao quase todos faltando jogadores. E quero saber saber se voces nao vao atualizar a liga brasileira. Porque tem que colocar os times que subiram para primeira divisao e descer os que cairam para a segunda divisao ano passado. Por gentileza, arrumem isso logo. Obrigado
  6. Kenn


    Queria saber se vocês poderiam atualizar logo os times brasileiros direito, porque está faltando muitos jogares nos clubes atuais. @SM Dev (Bamber) @Theo(SM Support) Ainda mais o time do Cruzeiro, parece que vocês fizeram ele de qualquer jeito.
  7. Kenn

    Fucking bug wtf

    Ok I'll do it @Theo(SM Support) Can I report the bug in Portuguese (Brazil)?
  8. Kenn

    Fucking bug wtf

    Look at this bug lately the game is full of bugs, I am waiting for you to launch update correcting the bug and with news in the game and update in the team squad. Because Brazilian teams are super outdated. @SM Dev (Bamber) @SM Dev (Sam) @SM.GASSKER
  9. @SM Dev (Bamber) Could you update the Brazilian teams correctly? Because there is a lot of players missing in the Brazilian teams and the Cruzeiro team is far below the level that should have been (even more the goalkeeper Fabio)
  10. understood @SM Dev (Bamber)
  11. So with this post, do you mean that we will never be able to select all countries when we start a new career? And if we are able to select all countries, this will take a lot of time to happen in the game. That's right? @SM Dev (Bamber)
  12. I will give my opinion, and I know that many will agree with much of what I say. The game is already great, but if you release to be able to choose every country when you start a new career, the game would be even better. (I know that you let them choose 3 or 4 to avoid many mistakes, but why not leave it to the discretion of each one when playing?) And I think I should put the option of exchanging players between teams and even offer one player to decrease the value of the other that you want to buy. I think it would be nice if we had to get the technical direction to hire some player. And it could add the regional championships and the leagues that lack, Series C and D of the Brazilian among others. And it would be nice to have weekly updates, because mostly Brazilian clubs are well outdated. I'm from Brazil
  13. Everyone complains that they can not select all countries. They should take this limit and then each one chooses the amount that his device supports. @craigibhoy
  14. Hello I wanted to leave some suggestions to improve the game and make it grow even more. You could always have transfer updates from players who have traded clubs in real life. I think I could put the option of switching players between teams (and also oferecer one player of the team to decrease the value of transferring another player) You could add regional championships and be able to choose against whom you want to play friendly at the beginning of the season. It could free to select all the countries when it was to start a new career. Could add technician to the teams, because then we would have to hire technicians too. Im from Brazil and I love this game
  15. Put in order to choose all the countries, this will make the game evolve much more. Also put in order to exchange players between teams. Also place the regional and more leagues (including World Cup) @Theo(SM Support)
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