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  1. Yeah same here. When I first started the game I only picked one country out of the maximum of four. I picked the MLS and didn't bother picking other countries like Mexico or Brazil. So I only get job offers from the MLS. SM needs this, for us to add leagues.
  2. You don't need to care about the requirements. SM isn't a beefy game and a calculator could run this game. (not saying that SM is a weak and boring game, of course). I use a pretty old computer to run this and it never crashes, lags, or takes a long time to load. It's a very compatible game to all. So in all, just start the game and have fun with it πŸ˜ƒ
  3. When I first started this game I didn't really know that you could pick more than one league/country. I picked the MLS with my favourite team but I can't get any job offers outside the MLS because I chose no other countries. I want to expand to be able to add countries into my 4 country slots (since I currently have 3 slots open for other leagues) but sadly there is no way to do that without starting a new game which I don't want to, especially because I'm on Steam and the only way to get more save slots is by buying them. TLDR: I want to add Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil leagues into my profile (as I only have 1 league selected because i was an idiot when i started the game and only picked 1 league, the MLS) too so I can get job offers there as well, without starting a new game. please allow us to change our profiles a little (of course to an extent where the game wont break)
  4. Hi guys, I currently play this game on Steam and I started a new save on a user account (let's call it account A). I got hooked into it, and I logged into another user account to play on it a few days later(account B) which was on the same computer and I started steam, and opened the game. However my game wasn't save or connected, it just said "new game" option. I always thought steam games connect to any different windows user accounts or computers, but I guessed in this case it wasnt. If I go back on account A and launch the game again thru steam, will my old game data still be there? or will I have to just start a new game?
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