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    Hi lads, We've only selected a limited number of people for phase 1 of the beta, the game is still in a currently unfinished state so we didn't want too many people playing it just yet. More people will get access in the coming days/weeks as we move through the phases of beta. So don't worry if you haven't received an invite just yet. However, we have indeed got a large number of applications so please keep in mind there's a chance you may not be selected. Thanks
  2. Please read the following carefully. Your thread may be locked and/or removed if the correct format is not used. When reporting an issue found in the game please create a new thread for each new issue being reported. Use the following template to report your issue: Issue Summary: Issue Details: Device details; BRAND : MODEL : OS : VERSION : Location: Any Additional Information(What can we do to reproduce the issue?): We encourage you to use the summary for the title of the
  3. These are the main forum rules. They have been created with the intention of providing Clash players with a comfortable place to have discussions about the game. The forum presents Clash players with an opportunity to share information, exchange ideas, ask questions and generally just to meet and enjoy the company of other enthusiasts from around the world. All Arena players should read these rules before they begin posting: These forums are English only. Please check the sticky threads at the top of each board for any board specific rules. Multiple accounts are no
  4. Hi all, As this is supposed to be a family friendly forum without age restrictions, we have assessed that we need to be more in control of our users language. Many users have already been informally and, in some cases, formally warned about their language on here. From this point on we will be operating a "zero tolerance" policy towards swearing, foul and abusive language. The penalty for such behaviour will be automatic warning points, which could ultimately lead to short term, long term or indefinite bans. We hope you see why this is a positive step for making the c
  5. Hi Drama, we would appreciate you contacting support about this so they can access your save file and go about getting this solved for you. Cheers
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