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  1. It’s not SM’s fault. Tho logos are imported from Wikipedia and who ever made the data packs took out the official logo.
  2. First of, the beta is amazing I love the new features and the 3D gameplay. But there still could be improvements.. 1. I'd love release clauses, buy back clause, buy after loan, player swap deals.. Transfers will be amazing if these were added 2. Being able to choose sponsors.. 3. More frequent and interesting press conference and questions for media. 4. Realistic player prices ( if a player has a good season, their worth go up, bad season it goes down) 5. Simulate to a certain date.. I know this is a mobile game and not much features could be added, I also know games aren't the easiest to create and adding these things could be hard. But I would love to see it in the future. Also go sub to be on youtube-------> Mr AVV
  3. I'm on content creator on youtube, my channel is fully based on SM19 and other SM games. ( Youtube--> Mr Avv) And to think that i didn't get chosen to do the beta test, my subs will be sad because they were depending on me to see new features.. This is very disappointing for me..
  4. I recommend 1. Jadon sancho 2. jaoa felix 3. goes rodrygo 4. lafont
  5. On YOUTUBE Channel, i'm currently in doing a RTG with palermo, i got promoted to seria A and have a decent team... PLease check it out Youtube- Awesome VideoGame Vids
  6. i am a true lover of this game i am currently in year 2027 with liverpool and have a youtube dedicated to sm19 with 225 subs, and there a some stuff i would love to be added.. 1-simulate match 2-option to buy when loan 3-more formations 4-squad numbers 5-more questions from press 6-option to choose between EASY MEDIUM HARD to test your team strength 7- Finally, kickoff too choose to sides and see result
  7. If you need help in sm19 with, players TO buy or players NOT to buy, or best young talent, highest potentials ETC.. Check out my youtube channel LINK:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5UwSdy0_au_nBakc-FhZrw YT name: Awesome VideoGame Vids
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