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  1. Just abit curious, I get youth players coming in and I want to send them out on loan to better their stats for the next season, but it seems no one wants to take them? I'd love it of a low club would have em, been having this problem for ages now and wonder if it's just a bug in the game or my players are not good enough? Also looking on other teams their loan this is empty? Thanks.
  2. Wont it give you back your game after you put in your android log in back into the game after reinstalling it?
  3. Dagzboss

    Problem with game

    Yes, it's very annoying, another thing that seems annoying is this forum, they've set up a community forum here but I've looked through at it looks like the developers or game helpers don't reply to anyone's topics. Maybe emailing them directly is the way to go.
  4. Dagzboss

    Problem with game

    I have been playing the game for a week now and everything's been fine I've come on today and I've got a game vs Rochdale I play the game win or lose and it finishes but on the summary page the main home page pops up and I can't do anything, I can't progress by pressing continue, I've found that if I go into facilities and click training I can continue I can't press nothing else, if I close the game down and restart open it I have to play Rochdale again like the game didn't happen, also I cant click on spotlight, free cash or the free footballs you can get, I press them and nothing pops up, I'll provide a photo if anyone can help, thanks.
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