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  1. goheim

    maths stop after injured player

    Last version. Only happens twice.
  2. goheim

    Loosing suddently 70% health

    Suddently all the players lose the 70% of health. Tablet bq Aquaris M10, Android (last versiĆ³n), England, Germany, Italy and Spain
  3. goheim

    Losing Morale

    I play on Android with Bq, both tablet and mobile phone. I hace the same problem, players that have been playing all the games or most part of them (21/24) lose morale that is almost impossible to raise. Also if you set a player to sell, the moral goes completly down even if the player ask to be sell. Also is not right that a player that have played all the matches or almost all (not played when he was injured) say he is unhappy (played 14/16).
  4. goheim

    maths stop after injured player

    Bq aquarius. Andrioid England, Italy, Germany and Italy choosen. Second time bug. After a player get injured i changed the player and the match stopped. No player play the game but the time goes up.forever without middle time.
  5. goheim

    packs doesn't open

    same to me
  6. goheim

    packs doesn't open

    Free packs doesn't open when press it on it. And the screen get blocked after a match for it