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  1. My Gedson Fernandes increased 3overall,didn't end the season yet 👀...
  2. Die Schwarzgelben Pre Season I was nervous,not gona lie,my first game as Dortmund Coach,all eyes on me,and on my "new" Dortmund... A dream start,i build a 4-3-3 tatic,that was based on tiki-taka,we do 70% possession against Mainz 05,against Union Berlin,a simple game on my mind,i switched some players,and then i use other 4-3-3 tiki-taka variation,what a Game from Gotze,the last game against Arminia Bielefeid,the easy game,but,what a defensive team,we made 27shots,only 1 goal. First Month First oficial match,against Leipzig,a really good team on German first division. Not a easy game,against RB Leipzig,but,a good team work/possession and we had that game controlled.Against Augsburg,oh my god...what a team,2goals from Reus and Weigl,and other one from Upamecano,sad for Donnarumma,that didn't get the clean sheet this time.Last game of the month,against Werder Bremen,what a beauty this Marco Reus is,xD...He made more two,and now he is on the TOP scorers list. SECOND AND THIRD MONTH COMING SOON!
  3. Die Schwarzgelben Transfers <-Out<- <- Jeremy Toljan [18,7M€] (Wolfsburg) <- Maximilian Phillip [31,9M€] (Freiburg) <- Isak [7M€] (Frankfurt) <- Toprak [23.6M€] (Bayer Leverkusen) <- Dieckman [-] (Free Player) <- Bah-Traore [-] (Free Player) <- Bockhorn [-] (Free Player) <- Boadu [-] (Free Player) <- Piszczek[10.3M€] (Bayer Leverkusen) <- Kagawa [20M€] (Leipzig) ->In-> -> Donnarumma [52M€] (AC Milan) -> Joe Gomez [31,6M€] (Liverpool) -> Upamecano [48,75M€] (RB Leipzig) -> Gedson Fernandes [9,75M€] (SL Benfica) -> Ndong [-] (Free Players) -> João Felix [11M€] (SL Benfica) -> Dolberg [33M€] (Ajax) PRE-SEASON + 1ST MONTH COMING SOON!
  4. Die Schwarzgelben Mahmood. such a young man... 23 years-old,a player that was from teams like FC.Porto,Manchester United...A Portuguese Promise,of Pakistani descent.In a game to UCL, FC. Porto and AS Monaco,Group Stage,the "golden boy" made 2 goals,and do the decisive pass to other 2...But,what happened to him?A injury...At the 87' minute,on "Estádio do Dragão" the young star was crying on the floor,something happening with him,some players said that he was forcing his body on that game,and that was the thing that made that injury... On the next Days,the titlle of NewsPappers like "A Bola",or "O Jogo" be like: "THE STAR DROPPED DOWN"... With medical follow-up, they came to the conclusion that the injury was serious, and would require surgery. Four incredible years until the same one recovers to hundred percent. But he was a Football Lover,and he showed it,he studied the game,day and night...He show what he was going to be to some European teams,like AC Milan,Tottenham,Parma... But the club that sign him,was Borussia Dortmund In the first interview, as BVB Coach: Q' You were a young promise, who already showed great ability, outside the four lines, do you think you will be respected by older players? A' Of course,i'm here to show what did i do in that 4-5 months,and i want to make it clear,that i want to make Dortmund,the best club on Europe. Q' In what sense? A' In every sense, but mainly in the field, since we have not won a Bundesliga for years, we will have to fight and never lower our heads.
  5. Die Schwarzgelben Dortmund, a club that has been winning my heart after years of suffering ... A beautiful club, respected throughout Germany, team that plays in the first division of the German football league ... With Germany in the top four of UEFA's member association club coefficients, the Bundesliga's top four are all assured to berth in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League as part of a revamp of the competition from 2018. The doubt lies on the table: will Dortmund have the quality to reach and win the UCL over the years? Team Awards Bundesliga - 1955–56, 1956–57, 1962–63, 1994-95,1995-96 2001-02, 2010-11 e 2011-12 German Cup -1964-65, 1988-89, 2011-12 e 2016-17 German SuperCup - 1989, 1995, 1996, 2013 e 2014 Champions League - 1996-97 European Cup - 1965-66 Intercontinental Cup - 1977 More coming soon...
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