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  1. You need to change the training system. I want to train my starting goalkeeper but the only person who ever gets upgraded is my bench goalkeeper. You should be able to choose who goes into what drill.
  2. So I’m starting a new save with the Chicago Fire of the MLS and I want to know what tactics I should use? What should I be putting my upgrade points to? Should I rebuild the squad or try to add? (Horrible contracts). I need help all the way around my first save is not going well. I’m 3 seasons in and I can’t get better than 10th place in my league. I’ve tried adding new young guys all 70+ ovr. And nothing is helping. Pls help!
  3. i just started playing and I’m about 2 seasons in with Chicago Fire. And my club for both seasons tells me I’m losing money but I never seen anything come out of my available cash. Should I be worried about these messages or not? And also how much should I be paying in player wages a week? Currently I’m payin $327k a week but it lets me go up to $440k a week? Should I sign more players the squad could use the upgrades but I don’t want to be losing all my money
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