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  1. RicardoDonatello

    no fixtures in new season

    So I just went through the pain of a full season with no games, just to see if it reset. No. It doesn’t reset. Just carries on with no fixtures. Also training doesn’t work but still every man and his dog gets injured in training. And my youth players all come through in their mid twenties. is there a fix on the way? Anyone?
  2. RicardoDonatello

    Problem with game

    Yeah I had this issue last night. Got through the season using the facilities>training>continue fix but come to the end of the season and it doesn’t reset for a new one. Just continues in perpetuity on close season. They broke it.
  3. RicardoDonatello

    no fixtures in new season

    Same here. Just finished 2024 season. Games all went a bit funny yesterday. The end of match screen was mingled With the home screen and awkward to get past. The bonus balls wouldn’t open and then to cap it all the season won’t “end” to let the new one begin. Not sure what you did in the last update but make it stop.