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  1. Thank you for your response 😊. Can you write me some of the tactics you use? My defenders do not take part in the goals and attackers do not score goals. For example, Jordi Alba has only 1 assist, in real life he has 15 assists. Messi has 30 goals, in real life he has 45+ goals...
  2. Why is the first season a too easy, and the second is too hard? Why do not attackers score goals? For example, Messi and Ronaldo does not score more than 25-30 goals. Why do defenders not take part in goals? Like in a real life where the fullbacks give 8-10 assists. Why do weak teams come to the UCL final and win it, and the strong ones fall out in the group stage?
  3. This game has too many problems and really can not be played anymore... 1. Forwards do not score, good players like Messi and Suarez do not score at all. Defensive players do not even participate in goals (some full-backs, like Jordi Alba, in real life give 9-10 assists, in the game this is impossible) and some midfielders score too many goals... 2. The game is not real, poor teams like Shakhtar and Lazio win the Champions League and Europe League. And good teams like Barca and PSG are fall out in the group phase... 3. The first season is too easy, no one can beat me and the second season is too hard, I'm losing everything. Neither first nor the other is not fun... 4. Money is easily lost, I have to sell the entire reserve team and half the first team because my money is gone... 5. Many players retire early, with 31, 32 or 33 years 6. It is impossible to bring a player to a loan, and it is difficult to send your player to the loan... 7. Transfers are unrealistic, teams buy players they do not need and there are too many transfers for one season. It's also very difficult to buy a player, while other teams buy 4-5 players for one season... This game has the potential to be as good as FM. When you correct these problems, it could be even better than it. I hope you listen to my advice. Sorry for my bad English.
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