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  1. No that gonna get boring Real World Cup.
  2. I know that is just like the whole world like from all the best Leagues in Europe.
  3. Yeah I was about to tell you that 😂😂
  4. I think that SM19 should copy the details from FM19. Because they have a lot of details in their games and thats how thay get a lot of people to download their games but one problem is that FM19 cost money and sm19 doesn't anfd that's their chance to be a big company.
  5. I agree it's so anooying, they should fix that.
  6. It will be also cool to add a Ballon dor winner or Team of the Year Winner also Europes Best Player. Also Manager of the Year.
  7. Can SM19 at least tell us when World cup mode is coming

  8. A very useful CB is Dayot Upamecano he is about 79 overall and about 20 yrs old
  9. I think SM19 should add Copa America, The World Cup and Finally the Euros.Because the game gets pretty boring and it will make more people get this game.And also Soccer News in the game like for Example "Thomas Tuchel leaves PSG for AC Milan!"Then the Players Morale goes down then they play bad and etc.
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