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  1. Formerly it was said, no news, good news. Maybe it's time to change that sentence and tell: we implore you, hear us, Devs, to improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.
  2. I bought an ultimate card, but I didn't receive the xp for purples. Could you fix that? Thx
  3. For different reasons, for some time, sometimes I can't finish the matches and I have to leave the match. My apologies to all those players who may have been offended by it
  4. Some of us are still, but we're becoming less and less
  5. After experiencing the gameplay of lasr weeks I'm not sure to whom I should to congratulate, but it's doing great. There is little left to close the game. Cheer up. You can do it
  6. Considering the expansion of the game by Asia, you could create a tournament between the best leagues from one side and another. It would be like NBA's play off or Intercontinental Championship.
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