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  1. Please @C_Brennan @Sean(SM Support) @Alex(SM Support) and @ anyone one else who works and/or supports the forums... We are still alone 😔 no contact since the forums were merged, no contact with in game support.. Its never been this quiet for this long 😭 please let us know you're all still alive and well, hopefully let us know you still care for the game or that you've given up on it (which i hope isn't the case) 🤞 ✌️
  2. Who's gonna win the biggest league in the world this season.. Can my beloved City make it 3 on the bounce.. Are the scum back (united) will the bin dippers (Liverpool) ever win a Premier league title or will they bottle it again (asking for @mayank who seems to be still hid under a rock since January 😂😂😂) should be an exciting season ahead...
  3. To busy for any of them to actually respond to us... Surely not lol
  4. Please any devs in here?? Do you know if anyone is running football Clash? We're left alone.. Again 😭😂 if anyone of any importance here can help us and get the devs of football Clash to respond to our concerns it would be a great help thanks
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