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  1. Please @C_Brennan @Sean(SM Support) @Alex(SM Support) and @ anyone one else who works and/or supports the forums... We are still alone 😔 no contact since the forums were merged, no contact with in game support.. Its never been this quiet for this long 😭 please let us know you're all still alive and well, hopefully let us know you still care for the game or that you've given up on it (which i hope isn't the case) 🤞 ✌️
  2. There must be someone out there lurking as they put that rubbish free play tour in.. Hopefully someone will hear something soon 🤞
  3. Who's there... Absolutely no one 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️😭😂
  4. Who's gonna win the biggest league in the world this season.. Can my beloved City make it 3 on the bounce.. Are the scum back (united) will the bin dippers (Liverpool) ever win a Premier league title or will they bottle it again (asking for @mayank who seems to be still hid under a rock since January 😂😂😂) should be an exciting season ahead...
  5. You guys with your vile language have scared them off 🙄😂😂
  6. I know.. I can't send more than one message without inbox saying its full 😩😂😂😂
  7. Gorse H

    Sm 20

    You're posting on the wrong forum... The lights are on but nobody's home 🙈
  8. To busy for any of them to actually respond to us... Surely not lol
  9. Gorse H


    What trophies you on mate?
  10. Please any devs in here?? Do you know if anyone is running football Clash? We're left alone.. Again 😭😂 if anyone of any importance here can help us and get the devs of football Clash to respond to our concerns it would be a great help thanks
  11. Gorse H


    What's your game name..
  12. Expose these cheats instead of slandering them with a fake account?
  13. Wow what amazing title race that was.. Done everyone a favour by beating Liverpool to the title.. One love One City 💙💙💙
  14. Are you valero?
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