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  1. These problems have been in the game for ages now 😔 such a great game with huge potential but they don't seem interested in investing time into fixing it... The last 2 things they did was change the 2 tournaments from having trophy prizes to one's that don't... That only demoralises the players more now.. I'd day the last 6 or 7 things they have done to the game only made it worse for players which is sad as its a great game that i once was addicted too ha
  2. Haha no way is it actually you 😂😂 yh sure you've been h and a 🙄
  3. You've never even seen old Trafford in real life have you Terry?? 🤔
  4. You on the wrong forum.. The lights are on but no one is home and this part of forum been in isolation loooooong time before corona made an appearance
  5. The end is nigh... Such a sad thing for a once great game 😥 😭 hopefully one day they'll help it rise again like a phoenix from the ashes 🤞🙏
  6. Been nearly a year on this forum with next to no contract so don't think they've even bothered.. 😭😭😭 @Alex(SM Support) @C_Brennan @Sean(SM Support) or even @Theo(SM Support) Please put everyone out their misery.. We can handle the truth 😉
  7. From being 8 months since we merge all forums into one and not once since coming here have we heard anything from you guys @C_Brennan @Sean(SM Support) @Alex(SM Support) we don't even know if you guys still even work here still or there's someone else watching but ignoring our pleas for help and any info on the games future.. Even if the info is to say there's no future.. There must be someone watching thou as one of the tournaments changed during this time.. To a tournament that useless as might aswell play a friendly as its the same.. So I'm reaching out again,.. Give us some hope that's the
  8. 7You're on the wrong thread.. This is for football Clash.. You need to comment on the soccer manager part of forum
  9. Please @C_Brennan @Sean(SM Support) @Alex(SM Support) and @ anyone one else who works and/or supports the forums... We are still alone 😔 no contact since the forums were merged, no contact with in game support.. Its never been this quiet for this long 😭 please let us know you're all still alive and well, hopefully let us know you still care for the game or that you've given up on it (which i hope isn't the case) 🤞 ✌️
  10. There must be someone out there lurking as they put that rubbish free play tour in.. Hopefully someone will hear something soon 🤞
  11. Who's there... Absolutely no one 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️😭😂
  12. Who's gonna win the biggest league in the world this season.. Can my beloved City make it 3 on the bounce.. Are the scum back (united) will the bin dippers (Liverpool) ever win a Premier league title or will they bottle it again (asking for @mayank who seems to be still hid under a rock since January 😂😂😂) should be an exciting season ahead...
  13. You guys with your vile language have scared them off 🙄😂😂
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