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  1. HiSo today my friend was doing a Napoli SSC career and everything went fine until the last friendly, when he played against Bologna. He set up a normal formation with Meret in goal, but he still lost 1 - 29.
  2. Thank you so much! @cornelius @Lemmy I used Cornelius tactics in the home game and I won 3 - 0 I also used Lemmy's tactics for the away game and I only lost 4-3 with Dolberg scoring another hat-trick I then won the final against Krasnodar, thank you!
  3. So I was starting the second season at Ajax, when out of curiosity I wanted to see which games I had to play and that's what I see: A friendly with PSV, on August 3rd and the Dutch Shield the day after. Please fix this bug
  4. @cornelius the problem is that Ajax isn't as good as Dortmund in SM, so I think that a more defensive formation would be better, considering that I have to play against a bigger team, Chelsea.
  5. Which are the best tactics against bigger teams?
  6. I need help with tactics for my Ajax These are the tactics that I'm using, and as you can see below, they've been great in the league, because I've won it and I've been unbeaten for the entire season. Unfortunately, against bigger teams (Valencia, Man City etc...) this tactic isn't that good considering that I've only lost and drew. Now I've reached the semi final in the E.L against Chelsea, any suggestion?
  7. Would this tactic be good with Ajax?
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