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  1. Eldo


    Is the beta version coming today for everyone ?
  2. Eldo


    I think it would be great if we're able to swap players in sm20. So if we don't have any money we can swap a player. Also put the clauses and 2 year loans with a buyout option . That would be a great progression for this game. Keep the good work in and release some new beta taster for us that have spent a lot of time on this game
  3. Eldo


    Can y'all pleaseee get me the beta tester? Show some love for us that have years playing this game. Still waiting.....
  4. I think the game should improve by trading players. We should be able to trade a player that we don't want when we don't have money. Also I think a 2 year loan or loan with a buy option would be great
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