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  1. Yes, if ppl don’t understand what I refer, it’s same like on FM ( football manager) you have options to add some leagues and to remove if you want... so if you play some leagues and you want to add some new ones, you can do that... I believe SM need one like this option, how I say before it’s be lot funny to play like that... past some years and I want to go on France for example or Portugal... but I cannot coz I have only England Germany and Serbia 😔
  2. It’s been nice if you guys add that I can chose 3 leagues where I like to manage teams... for example I take Red Star ( Serbia 🇷🇸) and I can only get job offers from same country... so I love to chose SERBIAN, ENGLISH AND GERMANY LEAGUES... and after some time to get job offers from this country’s... This can bring lot more fun in game... cheeki breeki !!!
  3. Tbh I more like to see some stories about small club... dont understand me wrong but what is hard to do all that whit RM???!!! i take UEFACL and UEFAEL whit Red Star Belgrade!!! always love to manage small clubs and stores are more interesting then whit BIG ONES !!!
  4. I just started whit Fulham and I use SS and DLF this is my 2nd game In PL 1st was 0:0 whit West Ham and I have 12 shots 8 in target possesion 78% somehow my guys didn’t get goal 😂 my SS is Vieto!
  5. Support Striker is a striker that operates in the hole between the number 9 and the center midfielders, searching to operate like an withdrawn striker that attempts to get the second ball or arriving late at the area.
  6. DLF : I think... A deep-lying forward will stay drop deep into space with the intention of linking the play and supporting teammates. SS : Is a striker that operates in the hole between the number nine and the center midfielders, searching to operate like an withdrawn striker that attempts to get the second ball or arriving late at the area. I hope I explain you little bro !
  7. Nice one m8 good achievement tbh ! 👏🏻👏🏻 👏🏻
  8. Try this m8 I win lot things whit this tactic whit different clubs ( big ones and small ones ) be careful against you play coz apporch is different ( do you gonna play more defensive and on counter) my aim is to play control football and lot possessions... roll of my players : GK: Modern Keeper DRC Ball playing Defender. DC stopper DLC Ball playing defender MR wing back ML wing back MRC Box to Box midfielder MLC Box to Box Midfielder AMRC Advance Playmaker AML Support Stricker ST Target Man i swich ST to Finisher and MRC MLC to deep playmakers some times ! Any way try and say how works for you this m8 ! CHEEKI BREEKI
  9. Are we need to post like SM to get some attention?! how does it look to you?! Are we fools ?! just reply to their posts !!! It's not fair to us that we play for a long time and we love this game !!! Well, tell us the game is over, let's shut it down so we know where we are. This is how you just keep us in a fake hope ... and you will agree that it is not CHEEKI BREEKI !!! 😔
  10. Lemmy


    Revert game back before manager cards update!!! So many players stop to play !!! game is unplayable at moment!!! Before we have one day in season whit lagg now all day lagg games !!! only what I ask is REVERT GAME !!! we don’t have against to play anymore 😔 every game arena, friendly or turnos are unplayable!!! This come from guy who have fiber internet , and my ping go around 0 to 6 maximum 10! It’s not possible that only this game stuck and lags for me I play lot others online game, and only suffers whit FC, and I am not only one, somethings is not good ! Maybe your servers or idk what can be , only I want is REVERT GAME BACK !!! #revertfootballclash we all know and can see that your priorities are SM now but what is whit as who like to play FC??? its not normal to play game when you can’t move your players, pass ball, cannot finds space can’t shoot , game lagg picture frozen when I take shots and ball go directly to keeper to save!!! It’s not interesting to trying to play game , you cannot play normal how you know to play coz all this bags ! All this start when you developers decide to put manager cards boost... please lisen our voice for 1st time ! We need reverted game !!!
  11. Lemmy

    Need help

    I literally love you 😘 so much @Alex(SM Support) if you are now close to me you get one big KISS 💋 😘😘😘🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😍😍😍 🤣🤣🤣 P.S. I jk !!! You can get free beer 🍺 😂 for real tnx tnx so much Alex now old man is back 💪🏻
  12. Maybe I am stupid but somehow I cannot post topic about my problem!!! I reset my phone on fabric settings and lose my old account!!! I really need help !!!
  13. Lemmy

    Need help

    I reset my iPhone on fabric! Need old acc back ! @Sean(SM Support) @Alex(SM Support) Guys help me here I left my other phone in Serbia whit back up access 😔 can’t access now there ! Need my account back ! this is me now 😭😭😭😭😭 not CHEEKI BREEKI 🙈🙈🙈
  14. Yo ! Hi 👋 to all community! I am Lemmy how my name says 😂 one of old players from Football Clash 34 years old father and husband!!! One of most crazy persons in game and forum ( on positive way 🤪) I am from Belgrade Serbia 🇷🇸 but I live in Mönchengladbach Germany... Big supporter of Red Star Belgrade, totally addictive to ( FM and sports games 🤦🏻‍♂️) I love this SM game ! And I crashed whit my club Crvena Zvezda ! Enjoy to play this, big tnx to developers coz have Serbian league and all packs inside ! Hope we gonna have good time here, passing experience tactics and who is the best cheep players to have in our teams ! Stay calm and be CHEEKI BREEKI 🤣🤣🤣
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