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  1. Hi! Please add back the Romanian league guys! If you cant do this now at sm19 then do this in sm20 please
  2. I also want Romanian League back. Please!
  3. City-Spurs 2-0 for city (REVENGE) Juventus-Fiorentina 3-0 (if they play with the first team) Inter-Roma 2-1 Getafe-Sevilla 1-3 Rayo-Huesca 1-0
  4. Hi! I'm Adrian but i prefer my stage name Rosadim or Rosa. I'm 16 years old and i like football I play Soccer Manager since Soccer Manager 16 and i like very much this game. I'm very attached to this game. (Sorry for my bad english) Love and peace for the players of this game and for the makers and support team <3
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